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When Will We Ever Learn?

One of our mistakes in 2008 was to rescue banks, rather than let them go bust! Retail customers up to the savings limit should be compensated, but for everything else, that’s business!

This article on the BBC is entitled Santander Rescues Rival Banco Popular From Collapse.

One of the things, I was told by my friend, who rose to be Business Banking Director of a major Clearing Bank, was to never bank with a bank, that was headquartered and/or owned outside the UK. I would change that to England after Royal Bank of UK Taxpayers and Bank of Scotland.

So who will eventually pay for Santander’s purchase?

Incidentally, with Qatar’s problems at the moment and their stake in Barclays, I personally will be staying clear of that bank.

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Barclays and RBS Shaft Clintons

According to today’s Times, the major bankers to Clinton Cards were Barclays and RBS.

So what did they do?

They callously sold £35 million of loans to Clinton Cards, to American Greetings, one of the retailer’s biggest suppliers, which immediately called in the loans.

Where’s the caring banker in all this?

If I were an employer, who banks at Barclays or RBS, I would move my account immediately.

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