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Forest Gate Station Is Almost Ready For Crossrail

These pictures show the almost complete Forest Gate station.

Compare them with these from 2014 in  Before Crossrail – Forest Gate.

I wonder what wil happen to the pepper pot. I think it used to be a coffee kiosk.

The staff said, that one is needed.

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Forest Gate Station – 15th May 2017

These pictures of Forest Gate station, shows that the three lift towers have been installed.


I think the pictures might show that a walkway behind the station building will connect to the three lift towers and staircases beside them.

I also suspect that quite a lot of the walkways, lifts and stairs at Manor Park, Seven Kings and Forest Gate stations will be built from the same factory-made components.

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Forest Gate Station – 4th July 2016

I took these pictures of the works at Forest Gate station.

Note the little kiosk outside the station.

I think that when this station is finished, it will be one of the best on the Eastern branch of Crossrail.

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Before Crossrail – Forest Gate

Another Dreadful Station, But With A Lovely Kiosk! – Rating 3/10

Forest Gate is better than Manor Park, if only for the charming kiosk in front of the station.

If I were a young architect, which I’m not on either counts, I would love the challenge of turning this sow’s ear into a silk purse.

Crossrtail have published some of their ideas for the station.

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