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Speeding Past The Hitchin Flyover

The Hitchin Flyover, is compared to HS2, a fairly miniscule piece of railway infrastructure.

According to this article, it will cost £47 million and save 30,000 minutes a year in train schedules.

I  have this feeling, that engineers know of similar schemes, that would benefit UK railways all over the country. But most of them aren’t very sexy for politicians.

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The Hitchin Flyover From The Cambridge Line

I went to and from Cambridge yesterday and got good views of the new Hitchin Flyover, which will take Cambridge-bound trains over the East Coast Main Line.

It is a simple, but impressive structure, that should give a lot of benefits to rail passengers.

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Is This The Way To Develop Railways?

It has been announced today that the government has fully approved the Croxley Rail Link.  This report on the BBC gives full details. Here’s their summary.

An extension to the London Underground’s Metropolitan Line to serve the centre of Watford has been given the final go-ahead.

The government gave the £118m Croxley Rail Link the all-clear through the Transport and Works Act Order.

The line will be extended to Watford Junction via Watford High Street and two new stations will open, including one near the town’s football ground.

This seems to be a scheme that has a lot of merits.

Personally, it will mean that when I go to see Ipswich play football in Watford, I will avoid the long walk across the town. I think that because of this ease of access, Watford FC will be one of the bigger beneficiaries, as ease-of-access always brings in more visitors to any venue.

This fairly small scheme will have all sorts of benefits.  This paragraph is lifted from Wikipedia.

When the Croxley Rail Link is built, direct services into Watford Junction from Amersham would also be possible, thus linking the commercial centre of Watford to the new developments in Aylesbury, as well as providing the Chilterns with transport connections, via the Junction, to the North and other destinations.

I’ve always thought that Watford should be more of an interchange when going north to take the pressure off Euston.

i think we can honestly say that the £118 million that this development will cost, will return an awful lot more in benefits.

But then we’ve got a bit more clever with some of the schemes we’ve started recently.

The Hitchin flyover will take a few minutes off the times for trains on the East Coast Main Line for £47 million. It will be fully open in a few weeks.

Improvements to the Felixstowe branch line and its junction with the main line north of Ipswich, aren’t the biggest of developments, but they will take significant numbers of trucks off the road.

If you go to the Network Rail web site, you’ll find lots of these smaller projects.

I think we should complete all of these before we decide on the detailed route of HS2.

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The Hitchin Flyover Opens

It was only in May, that I took a couple of pictures of the construction of the Hitchin Flyover.  It is now open for test purposes and a few passenger trains according to this story from Network Rail. There is a good time-lapse video of the construction in the Network Rail article.

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The Hitchin Flyover Takes Shape

On my trip to Burnley today, I got my first look at the Hitchin Flyover.

It is a stylish structure and looks to be almost conplete.

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