The Anonymous Widower

Only In Liverpool

With all the political correctness these days, you don’t see many adverts like this.

Only In Liverpool

Only In Liverpool

As I will have left Liverpool long before Thursday, I can’t go!

Is there another city in the world, where a large proportion of the population are comedians?

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A Tribute To Joan Rivers From The London Overground

This article in the Independent, flags up a tribute to Joan Rivers written on a customer information board at Hackney Wick Overground station.

She had a good innings and I for one, will miss her outstanding brand of humour. The only certain thing, is that someone in the future will come along with something more outrageous.

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These Beheaders Aren’t Jihadists, They’re The Cast Of A Clockwork Orange

This is the title of an article by Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times today.

This is a typical thought.

the Financial Times writer Gautam Malkani last week observed of the diatribe of Foley’s killer: “As recruitment material, video footage of beheadings seem tailor-made to lure the most unhinged of maniacs to the fray. And yet by labelling them ‘terrorists’ or ‘militants’ instead of ‘lunatics’ or ‘nutters’ we unduly dignify them. We also play to the vanity of many young militant Islamists.

Sometimes, I think we’re watching a Muslim version of A Life of Brain. Except it’s not as funny. Perhaps someone should make a version, as there is no more powerful weapon against fanatics, psychopaths and dictators, than humour. I wonder how, this famous line from Monty Python’s classic would translate.

He’s not the Messiah. He’s a very naughty boy! Now, piss off!

The trouble is, no-one would dare make the film!

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An Interesting Take On Air Miles

I bought two of these little boxes in Waitrose, so I can use them for the second chop, burger, fish or steak, that I have to buy when creating a  delicious and nutritious meal for one. My freezer is half full with all this unused food.

The interesting thing is that they were made in New Zealand, so if I put them in the fridge upside down, they might save space as well.

I think it’s the first time, I’ve ever bought anything that was manufactured as opposed to grown in New Zealand.

Was it air-freighted from New Zealand with the lid closed?

If it was, it gives a whole new meaning to the subject of Air Miles!

And also when I opened it for the first time, did it release a whole container full of fresh Antipodean air into my house?

The latter might apply even if it came by sea!

A comedian could generate a whole routine around this simple container.


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They Run Out Of Letters

The Scree n on the Green, rarely misses a tick in its film information.

They Run Out Of Letters

They Run Out Of Letters

This is one of their best.

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Boden’s Sense Of Humour

I just had to take a picture of this sign outside of Boden’s building as I walked by.

Boden's Sense Of Humour

Boden’s Sense Of Humour

As this blog is only about things that are good to look at, I decided to show a picture of just the sign.

Thinking about it, I suspect that an ugly building is cheaper to rent or buy, so why not save money and just make fun of it.

I wonder what discount they got for The Shard?



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Some Transport Related April Fools

This year was particularly good for April Fools in the papers and around the Internet.  The Times today even has a discussion on the Letters Page today, about which of their stories yesterday were real.

There were three transport-related stories, that I found.

1. Wombles fan plays April Fool’s Day joke in Kensal Green

2. Councils at loggerheads over Croxley Rail Link viaduct colour scheme

3. Like A Bat Out Of Crossrail

It is good to see that gentle humour isn’t dead yet!

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Royal Tunbridge Wells Is Disgusted At No Waitrose

The |Times describes in a story today, how Tunbridge Wells is disgusted at the lack of a Waitrose.

It gives a whole new meaning to Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

It is one of those stories that could be appropriate for today.

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The Manchester United Lamp

I’ve just bought a Manchester United Lamp

It looks good in the middle of the table!

Joke courtesy of Fighting Table on Radio 5!

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David Attenborough Commentates On Curling

This video from the BBC is priceless.

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