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Wandering Around King’s Cross – 20th December 2021

I took these pictures, whilst I wandered around King’s Cross.

The unfinished building is Google’s large groundscraper.

I took these pictures as I wandered.

King’s Cross is on the up.

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Could Maiden Lane Station On The North London Line Be Reopened?

According to an entry in Wikipedia, Camden Council  have proposed that Maiden Lane station on the North London Line be reopened, as it is just to the north of the extensive developments at Kings Cross Central.

This Google Earth view shows the area.

Kings Cross Central

Kings Cross Central

The North London Line runs across the picture and the former station was just to the left of centre in this view, to the west of where the road crosses the railway line.

Some months ago, I walked to that area from Kings Cross station. I commented that it was not a short walk, so to build a station there to serve Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations may not be very worthwhile.

But take a look at this more detailed view of the area.

Railway Lines North Of Kings Cross

Railway Lines North Of Kings Cross

Note the distinctive acoustic cover over the Channel Tunnel Rail Link at the right, with the line sweeping across to turn towards St. Pancras.

But there does seem to be quite a bit of land in the area and it could fit that well-used cliché of development potential.

I’d also be intrigued to know if the Piccadilly Line could be reached from a station on the North London Line near here, by the use of modern construction techniques.

It probably won’t happen in the next few years, but I can’t help feeling that at some time, some very comprehensive property development in this area will incorporate a new station.


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The Viewing Platform At Kings Cross

I came across this viewing platform at Kings Cross.

The pictures show the platform and some of the views.

It’s on the path that leads between Kings Cross Station and Granary Square, by the Regent’s Canal.

Building sites should have more of these!

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Wandering Around Kings Cross

I took these pictures as I walked around Kings Cross.

Some of the first pictures were taken from a 390 bus.

Things are certainly happening!

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