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Bottoms And Alcohol Shouldn’t Mix

I thought this story about a nudist hotel wanting an alcohol licence, was typical of some of the narrow-minded attitudes that still prevail in parts of the UK. Here’s a flavour.

But the application has been met with a bevy of objections that people living nearby are already copping an eyeful from guests who haven’t been drinking.

Councillor Robert Alden fears that an alcohol licence would turn the spa into a strip club and that it would attract “local youths and trouble makers”.

I suppose that summers like this are rare, so the venture will probably be killed by the British weather anyway.

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Venezuela’s New Sports Minister

The Times carries a centre page spread of Venezuela’s new Sports Minister, who is an Olympic fencer, with her sports equipment placed strategically.

The photo is here, but I suspect it’ll be everywhere. This other page in Spanish doesn’t need translation.

Just imagine the fuss if one of our high-level female politicians did the same.  But then the only top sports people, who have made government in recent years have been Christopher Chataway and Sebastian Coe.

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The Silliest Legal Case In The World

The BBC is reporting that the Naked Rambler has been released from prison. He is now walking somewhere around Scotland in the nude.

It must be the silliest legal case because it’s been going on for years now.  The article contains this comment.

John Scott QC, chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform in Scotland, says the bill to keep Gough in prison for so long must have reached hundreds of thousands of pounds. It costs about £40,000 a prisoner a year, rising when an inmate is separated from others, and when he is repeatedly discharged and readmitted.

It’s funny, but why was he not arrested in England, but is having so much trouble in Scotland?

Perhaps he could be persuaded to walk somewhere else like North Norway or the Sahara Desert.  Now that would be a naked challenge!

Or could the Scots not deport him to England and ban him from going north of the border!


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Nude B&B – What Next?

The Times yesterday had a review of a nude bed and breakfast in Sweden.  It must also be a first for a pierced male nipple on the travel pages of that newspaper.

This must be a good idea, as it will cut down the need of things to take on holiday, so you can get below the dreaded 10 kilo limit on Ryanair.

Funnily enough, the B&B is on the route I would take for something I’ve always wanted to do – Drive all the way round the Baltic.

I don’t know whether I could hack it.  But at least my body doesn’t carry any excess weight, so I don’t look that bad with my clothes off!

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