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An Attempt To Find The New Olympic Park

On Monday, I attempted to find the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which the BBC announced had opened.

After a very unwelcoming walk from Eastfield, I found the entrance and it was crawling in security, who said it opened later.

Information and maps were also a bit lacking about the buses, but eventually I got a 588 to Hackney Wick, from where I got a 30 home.

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It’s Now The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

As this sign at Stratford station shows, the Olympic Park has now been given its name for posterity.

It's Now The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

It’s Now The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The web site has an unusual URL of  Let’s hope it lives up to the name.

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Cricket At The Olympic Stadium

It was reported on the BBC London News last night, that Essex County Cricket Club are negotiating to play their Twenty20 games at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in East London.

This is a brilliant idea, as if they get the marketing and ticketing right, I’m sure that they’ll get a whole load of new people to go to the cricket.

Remember, as we saw in New Zealand recently, you can play the Twenty20 version of the game in a rugby or football stadium with a drop-in wicket.

Imagine too, England against Australia at Twenty20 with 70,000 supporters looking on. Now that will be some game!

It will happen, if for no other reason, there is no other way in the UK, to get that number of people to one of the greatest and longest rivalries in world sport.

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Tea At The Olympic Park

After visiting Custom House Station, I decided to go for a tea at the ViewTube, by the Olympic Park. I went via Stratford rather than Poplar to Pudding Mill Lane station for the cafe, so that I could pick up a Standard at Stratford station.

The pictures show how the park is changing. The most noticeable change is probably the removal of the extra seats in the Aquatic Centre.

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The Greenway Is Open Again

The Greenway is now open again after the Olympics and I walked it from Hackney Wick station to Pudding Mill Lane DLR station, taking these pictures as I walked.

I had a coffee at the ViewTube on the way. It’s changed hands, but it’s still as good as ever.

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BT Will Setup BT Sport On The Olympic Park

There was good news today for Hackney, when BT said that they will run their BT Sport operation from the Broadcast Centre on the Olympic Park. It’s all here on the BBC.

As BSkyB is also London-based, does it not look to have been a bad decision to move BBC Sport to Manchester?

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The First Legacy Venue Opens

I was born in Enfield and spent the first fifteen or so years of my life in Cockfosters, which in those days had a Hertfordshire postal address.

A couple of times, I cycled down to the Lea Valley to do a bit of fishing, although I wasn’t that good or keen. I also had three summer jobs at Brimsdown on the Lea, working for Enfield Rolling Mills. Incidentally, that job came because my father just phoned up John Grimston, the Earl of Verulam, and asked if they had a job for a sixteen-year-old, interested in electronics, in the company, where he was Chairman. The company was the biggest customer for my father’s printing business. I have a feeling that I have inherited my father’s nothing-is-impossible gene.

So yesterday, I was rather pleased to read that the first of the legacy venues has opened after the Olympics, on that river, which was part of my formative years.  The Lea Valley White Water Centre, where I watched the canoeing, is now open and will be expanded. Who’d have thought there’d be white water sports in the mountains of Hertfordshire?

I think it just goes to show, you just have to have enough imagination.

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