The Anonymous Widower

Sexist Tweets

There have been two big stories lately about two women ; Caroline Criado-Perez and Stella Creasey being abused on Twitter

I have never abused anybody knowingly on Twitter and I condemn the abusers unconditionally.  Although on the other hand some of the things I’ve said, might have provoked a rabid response from certain classes of bigots. I have removed the odd message saying what I said was rubbish, but there has been nothing I have not found honest comment.

I will defend some men in particular, by saying that there are quite a few good men out there, who know how to treat a woman properly.  I hope I do, as I did manage to keep my half of a relationship going for over forty years.

It’s not difficult! You just need a bit of give and take!

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They Don’t Care About House Colours In Hackney

This story from Devon shows one of the problems of living in the area of a council and among residents, who have strong views.

It’s not a good shade of pink and I don’t like it. We may have a few brightly coloured buildings in Hackney, but at least they’ve generally been agreed by everyone.

In cities too, most buildings are of brick and they tend to match easier.

I don’t miss the petty [politics of the countryside.

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Gluten Free Biscuits For All The Family

That’s what it says on the packet of these Prewett’s chocolate bourbons, I bought this afternoon in Sainsbury’s.

Gluten Free Biscuits For All The Family

Gluten Free Biscuits For All The Family

They are a bit more luxurious and chocolatey than the ones I remember from my days before going gluten-free.

But I doubt they would be for all the family, as someone would snaffle most of them!

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Moss Gathers A Few Stones

I couldn’t resist the wordplay, when I saw this article and picture in today’s Standard.

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An Attempt To Find The New Olympic Park

On Monday, I attempted to find the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which the BBC announced had opened.

After a very unwelcoming walk from Eastfield, I found the entrance and it was crawling in security, who said it opened later.

Information and maps were also a bit lacking about the buses, but eventually I got a 588 to Hackney Wick, from where I got a 30 home.

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Cash Flow Problems

In the last week, I’ve joined a few organisations like the Tate, the British Museum etc., where I pay my subscription by direct debit. Some have turned up in my bank account, but most haven’t!

I know it’s the holiday season, but surely speed is of the essence.

Is it the organisations or is it the banks? In two cases, everything was typed into the computer as I stood there, so surely that must be in the system by now!

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Should We have Built It In The First Place?

One of the dramatic news stories on BBC television this morning, is the blowing up of the tower of Inverkip power station chimney in Scotland. Out of curiosity, I looked up the power station on Wikipedia and found an article, which showed how building the station seems to have been an enormous waste of money.  Here’s what they say on the use of the power station.

It was to be Scotland’s first oil-fired power station. However, the soaring price of oil as a result of the 1973 oil crisis meant that by the time construction was completed generation was uneconomical. It was never utilised commercially, with 1200 MW kept in reserve and the remaining capacity being used to satisfy peak demand. It was only used at peak capacity during the miners’ strike of 1984-85, when low coal supplies prompted operation. Generation ceased in January 1988 and although the plant was retained as a strategic reserve, it was never used as such. The plant was finally mothballed in the late 1990s, but was kept fully operational until 2006 when it was decommissioned.

No wonder our electricity bills are so expensive, with gold-plated elephants like this to support.

I suppose, at least a lot of people got a cheap thrill when they saw the chimney blown up.

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