The Anonymous Widower

Pointless Spam

I just had a spam e-mail with the title – Never Pay For Auto Repair

I’m very tempted to reply to say that I don’t pay already, as I don’t have a car.

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Has Anybody Lost Any Sheep?

If so, they may be in someone’s garden in Sussex according to this story on the BBC.

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The Flexibility Of Public Transport In East London

After my tea, I had to get home.  To get from Pudding Mill station to where I live halfway between Highbury and Islington, and Dalston Junction stations, there are many possibilities.

So I resorted to the Monte Carlo method and took the first train that arrived.  It was going to Stratford. I could have walked through the station to the overground, but noticed that despite it almost being the rush hour, the Central line trains towards Central London were fairly empty.

So I took the first one, intending to go to Bank, to take the `141 bus to my house. But at Mile End station, where the Central and sub-surface lines have a cross platform interchange, I decided to get a Metropolitan line train to Moorgate to pick up the bus there. I waited just a minute before I was on my way.

In the end, I went just two stops to Whitechapel station, where I used the quick interchange to get an Overground train to Dalston Junction, where I caught one of innumerable 38 buses down the Balls Pond Road.

I may have used five different modes of transport, but I had a seat all the way and never waited more than a minute anywhere.

Incidentally, CrossRail will change all this, as the simplest route, would be to take CrossRail to Moorgate and then get the 141 bus. Let’s hope they get the bus connection right.


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Tea At The Olympic Park

After visiting Custom House Station, I decided to go for a tea at the ViewTube, by the Olympic Park. I went via Stratford rather than Poplar to Pudding Mill Lane station for the cafe, so that I could pick up a Standard at Stratford station.

The pictures show how the park is changing. The most noticeable change is probably the removal of the extra seats in the Aquatic Centre.

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Lots Of Orange At Custom House Station

I took these pictures at the site of the new Custom House Station for CrossRail today.

It doesn’t look as if there has been much progress, since I last visited, but then buildings are always slow to start as foundations have to be done correctly.

As you can see right into the construction works from an overbridge linked to the DLR platforms, it is one of those few building sites, where the public gets a good look at what is going on.

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Gluten Free Bread Hunting In Brixton

By accident I heard about WAGfree in Brixton, which sells wheat and gluten free products in Brixton Village underneath the railway line. so I just had to go and find them and buy some bread.

It wasn’t difficult to find and these are some pictures I took, together with some of the bread, when I got home.

I liked the bread, although some might find it a little bit cakey.  In some ways it was a pity I arrived when I did, as I was too early for their savoury products like quiches.

On the other hand, they can’t be doing too badly, as they just opened an outlet in Selfridges.

I thought that upmarket shop was one place, that certainly isn’t WAG-free! Certainly one footballer I know off, who is married to a coeliac, will probably be visiting.

I shall go to Selfridges myself next time, as it’s an easier journey.

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The Pianist With A Pipe

You don’t see many men smoking pipes these days and I was surprised to meet this gentleman  as I walked to the bus.

The Pianist With A Pipe

The Pianist With A Pipe

It turned out he was the pianist; Lubomyr Melnyk, who’d given a concert last night just down the road at Cafe Oto.

I think, I’ve only seen one pipe smoker in the last three or so years and that was after Ipswich won at Bolton.

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How Do You Choose An On-Line Bank Account?

If I want to choose a piece of software to say edit images, it is a fairly easy process.

I can usually try the software before I buy it  and all of the charges are there in words of a couple of syllables.

If say, I want to use some form of system, to store those pictures on-line, it’s something very similar.  Usually, I would try it for a few days, and if I didn’t like it, I could go and try another.

But what would Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC et al, say if I said, I’d like to try their on-line banking for a few days, to see if I liked their interface? I doubt they would be amused. Or even take me seriously!

I did try to get a pointer by typing  “which on-line bank account has the best interface” into Google and all I got was adverts for on-line banking.  But no serious study!

Someone should do one.  I would, but I’m certain that the banks would wonder why I wanted accounts with all of them.

In other ways, the customer, who should be king, loses out all round.

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Tesco Don’t Know Their Horse From Their Gluten

Tesco seem to have withdrawn their Free From gluten-free burgers after the horsemeat scare.

But they made a mistake in Oxford and got caught out by the BBC, as they report here.

As I’ve said before, the odd bit of horse won’t hurt me, but the levels of gluten in the usual burgers on sale in supermarkets most likely will.

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An Olympic Boost For Rare British Dogs

This article in the Independent suggests that those rarer British dog breeds like the English Setter have had a boost in 2012.

And the Olympics could be the reason!

I see a couple of English setters round here and they really are the friendliest of dogs. We also had two, when our children were in their teens and you rarely find one, that can’t get on extremely well with everybody and especially children.  They also don’t shed hair like other breeds, I could name.

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