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Will I Look Like This If I Eat Beautiful?

I took this picture at the Angel in Islington.

Eat Beautiful

So if when the restaurant opens and I eat there, will I get to look like one of these lovelies?

Checking the web site of the company, itsu, it would appear they are being honest about allergies.

Reading the menu though, I doubt it will increase my 30 inch waist much.  It’s been that ever since I left University and the doctor in Hong Kong, thought that my core strength helped me survive the stroke. I’m beginning to doubt that, as I think the stroke wasn’t as bad as it was painted at the time and they gave me the super-duper clot-busting drip in time.

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The Mounties Get Their Man

This picture deliberately hides the true story, as it’s rather in the distance.

The Mounties Get Their Man

I’d just watched two police officers on bicycles, who are just visible in bright jackets in the picture, chase and stop a cyclist.

It proved how bicycles should very much be at the forefront of crime-fighting. I suppose one of the problems is a lot of officers are a bit too porky.

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How To Draw An On-Board Map

I took this picture on the tram between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

An Excellent Route Map

It shows how with a bit of thought, you can make maps on trains, trams and buses really useful. Note how all the destinations are annotated with what is near to the stop.

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Birmingham Moor Street Station

Of all the stations, I have visited on my trip, Birmingham Moor Street is one of the best. It is not a modern steel and glass c reation, but a well-refurbished station with a 1930s theme. Just look at these seats.

Seats At Moor Street Station

It is also home to the cosmetically-restored 2-8-0 steam engine, GWR 2885.

GWR 2885 at Moor Street Station

More of these engines should be displayed at stations, just like Locomotion No.1 used to be at Darlington. The story of that is described here.

It has been a very good restoration of a station, which has won awards according to Wikipedia.

Refurbished in 1930s style, the station has reproduction lamps, clock, seating, and signage. The renovation won the Railway Heritage Trust award for 2004 and The Birmingham Civic Society’s Renaissance Award for 2005.

I doubt the Dyson hand-dryers in the Gents are original though.

Please Adjust Your Dress

The sign may well be original though.

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92 Clubs – A Small Difficulty With Ticketing

I tried to buy my ticket to Yeovil this morning, but there appeared tobe a problem with all of the rail ticketing web sites. So I had to book later in the afternoon.

The outcome was that my ticket to Yeovil appeared to be more expensive than usual. But try proving it!

I have just looked at the prices of the same trains for the rest of the month.

It doesn’t appear to be the cheapest route, compared to some I’ve sampled in my challenge.

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92 Clubs – Day 47 – A Day Off

Hopefully, I’ll finish tomorrow, with a trip to Yeovil.

Today though, I’ve done my washing and also got some shopping in.

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92 Clubs – Day 46 – Wolverhampton, Wycombe

I started just after lunchtime by taking the 13:23 Virgin Train to Wolverhampton. From there it wasn’t the longest walk to Molineux, where Wolverhampton Wanderers play.

Outside Molineux Stadium

After visiting the ground, I took the short walk to the city centre and then on to the tram for Birmingham.

The Tram Arrives at Snow Hill

From the tram stop at Snow Hill, I finally found the badly-signposted walking route to Moor Street, where I caught the direct train to High Wycombe.

Adam's Park in the Dark

It was dark by now and this was best picture I could get of Adam’s Park, where Wycombe play.

On the way home the train stopping at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley Stadium at Night

I could have probably gone to the England Sweden match.

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92 Clubs – Day 45 – A Day Off

I had to visit the doctor for my Warfarin check, so I took the day off.

Perhaps, I’m slacking, but I only have three more clubs to visit.

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Is There A Link Between Violence in Hospital A & E Departments and Smoking?

The only Hospital A & E Department, I’ve been to in the last six or seven years or so, is Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge. Mostly, I was there because of stroke-related problem, but once because of C and once because I had a fishbone stuck in my throat.

The A & E Department at Addenbrooke’s has a great advantage over many others in the UK, in that it is some distance from the city centre, so it probably doesn’t get too many of the walk-in drunks, that litter up many other hospitals.

In all my visits, I’ve never seen any problems between patients and staff, but this would not seem to be the norm throughout the rest of the UK.

Smoking is banned in all hospitals, so could it be that the stress of an ill patient, is worsened, by not being able to light up. So they go outside for a quick fix and then when they get back in they’ve missed their place in the queue.

More research needs to be done.

The efforts of the Design Council to redesign A & E Departments may help and is to be welcomed.

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Is There A Link Between Youth Unemployment and Smoking?

It is being reported that youth unemployment will be announced at a record level today.

As I walk around London, it would appear that I see more young people smoking, than people say over thirty.  Many appear to gather for fags on street corners and it would appear that some don’t have jobs.

So are employers, saying that if you smoke, then we won’t employ you?

If I had a business, then I certainly wouldn’t employ anybody who smoked.  After all, there is a very good choice of people out there.

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