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Bus Adverts Must Work!

Or at least they must have done for Wonga after their series of adverts a couple of months ago.  As they are now using a whole new set of adverts for their Wonga for Business product.

A Wonga for Business Advert

The adverts are everywhere on a bus route near you.

On the other hand, they have been criticised by the OFT according to this report.

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Radio 5 Broadcasts in Evening Dress

Radio 5 is at an important golf dinner tonight and the reporters are broadcasting in evening dress.

Just like radio used to be before the Second World War.

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The ARM Phillosophy

Tudor Brown has stepped down as president of ARM Holdings, the chip designer. This article on the BBC,explains the company and its philosophy.

It is a business model that should be copied.  It’s certainly worked!

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Let’s Stick It to the Obituary Writers

Nick Curtis in the Evening Standard has a go at obituary writers in his piece tonight. He argues that you can’t libel the dead so why not tell the truth.  He liked the obituary of Michael Jackson in Private Eye, headlined Mad Paedophile Dead.

After all, when the true stories are published, the truth comes out anyway. So why not print it in the obituary!

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Sex Trafficking, Forced Marriage and Honour Killings

Some of the news just gets worse.  Take this story about Mexicans trafficking women to the United States and other places for the purpose of prostitution and sex slavery.

Some of the figures in the report are horrendous.

$32 billion – Annual turnover of human trafficking industry

9.8 million – Total involved in unpaid work or prostitution

800,000 – People trafficked across borders each year

79 % – Of those trafficked are women or girls

And then we have the Shafilea Ahmed case, where she was murdered because, she wouldn’t agree to a forced marriage to someone she’d never met in Pakistan.

To me there is little difference.  In my view to use threats and violence to exploit women makes those that do it, the lowest of the low.

We probably can’t do much about the problems in Mexico and the United States, but we should put lots of teeth behind the views of Baroness Warsi, her father and everyone, who believe that women have the right to choose how they lead their life.


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Gibbon Time Revisited

I have been looking at other buses to see which is the best to swing along on the upper deck. I found the New Bus for London good and reported it here.

So I looked at the handholds on the buses that are most common in London.

This is the standard Wrightbus Gemini 2, which is probably the most numerous type of London bus.

Top Deck of Wright Gemini 2

The handholds are rather vertical and the spacing wasn’t natural for a good swing. Note that there are more on one side.

This is the same picture of a Scania OmniCity.

Top Deck of Scania OmniCity

Here they are more offset and better spaced.

The other common bus, that I use is the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400.

Top Deck of Alexander Dennis Enviro 400

Not bad and better spaced, but not up to the New Bus for London.

Top Deck of New Bus for London

Note too how on the New Bus for London, the colours are more subdued.  The surface is also textured to give a better grip. I haven’t taken a tape measure to it, but I have a feeling that the aisle is wider on a New Bus for London.  It’s certainly easier to walk along the bus to the stairs to get out, but this is probably down to the gibbon effect.

The stairs on all buses are pretty easy to negotiate even with my gammy left hand. All staircases seem to have rails on both sides, with a double rail on the left hand side going down.

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The Dictator

I went to see this film yesterday. I didn’t find it particularly good.  Or even that funny! In fact the cinema was rather quiet.

Monty Python would have done the story much better!

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Not Getting Pregnant

It is reported today, that the Government is changing the IVF rules. But they should also change a few other things, based on my experience.

I have recently traced my family tree back to the 1820s.  What is rare, is that in my father’s line, few of the women have given birth.  My sister didn’t for a start.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed as a coeliac, which showed itself in a severe lack of B12.  I now moderate a list on the Internet for coeliacs and have come across several examples of female coeliacs, who have been unable to conceive, because of this lack of B12.  A few were diagnosed early enough and after going on a gluten-free diet, they conceived and gave birth successfully.

Remember that coeliacs make up one in a hundred of the population. The incidence is higher in the Irish, Askenazi Jews, Italians and some from West Africa. Some have said that coeliac disease is linked genetically to sickle cell anaemia.

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Grace’s Guide

This web site is an interesting one, for those who want to research British industrial history.

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Bad Maths

I’m 65 this year.  Could my generation’s everyday maths, be better, as we had to cope with £sd? When I served in a bar in the 1960s, you learned things like 3 bottles of Guinness at 1s. 8d. were 5s. You had to do it all mentally, as the till was just a drawer.

I also played a lot of cribbage and other card games.  Many of which need a certain amount of arithmetical dexterity.  So have computer games lost all this?

But in some ways my biggest advantage was that my mother had very good arithmetical skills, partly brought on as she had been a comptometer operator before and during the Second World War, at Reeves just down the road from where I now live. So when we travelled in the car, she would always set me puzzles.

Interestingly, comptometer is rejected by the computerised spelling on this computer and WordPress.

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