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Hollande Gets On His Motorbike

Traditionally in the UK, there is a joke about infidelity and men getting on a bicycle.

But French presidents do it differently and use a motorbike driven by a chauffeur., according to this article on the BBC web site. Here’s the relevant bit.

The pictures purportedly show the pair arriving separately. Mr Hollande, wearing a helmet, is on a motorbike driven by a chauffeur.

It looks like it’s one law for the leaders and one law for the plebs.

I wonder what is the French colloquialism for “Beware the scorned woman!” or in Hollande’s case “Beware the scorned women!”

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The Smoking Shelter At Liverpool Street Station

It isn’t that, but it seems to be used as such. There were a couple of people puffing away, in it, as I walked past.

I’m not sure if the artist intended the sculpture be used the way it was this morning. Incidentally, Richard Serra, who designed this sculpture called Fulcrum, also designed a lot of those, I didn’t warm to in Bilbao.

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Spitalfields For A Gluten-Free Meal

As I found at Nottingham recently, restaurants that can do a good gluten-free mea, tend to cluster. I’ve eaten in three places in Spitalfields; Carluccio’s. Leon and Pizza Express, but a new one called Canteen has opened.

Canteen In Spitalfields

Canteen In Spitalfields

All gluten-free meals are marked and they also state.

Other dishes can be made gluten-free on request.

Why don’t a lot more restaurants say that, as I know from experience many good chefs can make food gluten free.

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The Spitfire Gate At Spitalfields Market

I spotted this as I walked into Spitalfields Market today.

The Spitfire Gate At Spitalfields Market

The Spitfire Gate At Spitalfields Market

The Internet provides the answer as to why a gate is named after Spitfire W3311. This article contains this extract.

The gate is called Spitfire Mk.Vb W3311 Gate because the Spitalfields fruit and veg traders clubbed together to buy a Spitfire fighter plane in World War II. They named it ‘Fruitation’.

London is full of little stories like this! But I suspect others are too, although London seems to mark them more!



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Cycling Superhighway On Cable Street

Cycling Superhighway, CS3, on Cable Street, seems to be very safely laid out.

As there wasn’t much traffic in the area, I think I’ll give it a try, by taking a tain to Shadwell. As this map shows, it’s pretty straight too.

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Two Blue Plaques In Cable Street

I generally note the blue plaques I pass, as I walk around. This morning, I was on the way to pick something up in the area and passed two.

The Angel Of Cable Street

The Angel Of Cable Street

Hannah Billig seems to have been a remarkable doctor.  But then she was awarded a George Medal for courage and bravery in the Blitz and she was called the Angel of Cable Street.

Jack Kid Berg

Jack Kid Berg

This plaque to Jack Kid Berg was a hundred metres or so further on. He seemed to have had an good and long life.

I also seem to remember that along with Ted Kid Lewis he was one of my father’s sporting heroes.

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New Houses That Get Flooded

In the recent heavy rain and resulting floods, I’m surprised to see how many new houses have got flooded.

My father told me never to buy a house that could be flooded and I have followed his advice and never bought a house that has ever suffered a flood.

Governments are pussy-footing around the problem, as this article shows.  There should be a law, that means if any new properties flood, then the developer is responsible for fixing the problem.  This would probably mean, houses were built, that were much  suitable for our climate. They would probably be unsaleable to many punters, who prefer Pete Seeger‘s Little Boxes.

But hey! We have some of the best and most innovative architects in this country! The trouble is we also have a lot of very conservative people and especially politicians and planners, who think inside the box!

Incidentally, Pete Seeger is still alive at 94. Hopefully, his music is still making us think!

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Bank Regulator Says Bank IT Systems Are Antiquated

This article from the BBC, tells how a senior regulator thinks that the IT systems of UK banks are antiquated. Here’s the jist.

A regulator from the Bank of England has told the inquiry into Northern Ireland’s banking system that he is a “very long way” from being able to say that UK banks have robust IT systems.

The Prudential Regulation Authority, should publish an on-line list of all the computer failures, that we could all see. After all, you wouldn’t want to transfer your account to a bank with a crap computer system, would you?

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