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From Barcelona To Paris

The TGV between Barcelona and Paris took six and a half hours.

Sadly, I didn’t see any flamingos this time, as I did in From Madrid To London in 2014.

This journey illustrates the good and the bad of double-deck trains.

You may get a good view, but getting in and out is a nightmare, as everybody travels with enormous bags and have to take them up and down the stairs.

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On The Barcelona Metro

These are a few pictures of the Barcelona Metro

Note the station I used was being rebuilt.

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Barcelona Wakes Up

On my way back, I stayed overnight in the Tryp Apolo Hotel in Barcelona.

These are pictures I took on my morning walk.

Some of the pictures show Las Ramblas.

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Why Do Barcelona Keep Trying To Buy Fabregas?

It could be argued that they don’t need him!

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Barcelona Comes To London

I took these pictures in Trafalgar Square before the match.

Everything was very good-natured. It also seemed to be more about photography, singing and hsving a good time than excessive consumption of alcohol.

It was very busy in Charing Cross station, but where were the signs in Spanish/Catalan.  There seemed to be a degree of crowding as fans tried to work out how to get tickets to Wembley.

London should get this right before the Olympics.  But then we don’t need to, as all foreigners speak English.  Don’t they?

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Champions League Mania

Why is everybody getting so het up about a football match between two teams in which I have little or no interest?

The Times this morning carries a 16-page supplement, which just went straight in the recycling. Apparently most papers have these, so I suspect chip shops won’t be short of unread papers for their products.

I shan’t really be watching, because it’s on ITV and the coverage will be destroyed by the advert breaks. Insead, I shall be listening on the radio and might have the pictures in the background. It should also be noted that the TV is a few seconds behind the radio, so you always hear it first on the more important media.

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My Hopes For Tonight

I was asked by a Manchester United fan last night, who I’m supporting.

Here are my thoughts as I put in a post to the BBC.

As someone, who spent his childhood on the terraces at White Hart Lane, at University supported Everton, and now support Ipswich, I could only give my full backing to the referee and hope that he gives the various cheats and divers the decisions they deserve.

I haven’t changed my thoughts since, but after Manchester United put Ipswich down with a non-goal, I really hope Barcelona do it in style.

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