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Thoughts On Barking To Grays And Barking To Barking Riverside Train Services

c2c’s Fenchurch Street And Grays Service

This service runs at a frequency of two trains per hour (tph).

  • Each journey takes about 34-36 minutes each way.
  • If ten minutes is allowed at each end, that gives a ninety minute round trip.
  • The service will need three trains.

A four tph service would need.

  • Six trains.
  • The ability to handle  extra two tph at Fenchurch Street station and in the bay platform at Grays station.

Grays station can probably handle the extra trains, but Fenchurch Street station may need extra capacity.

London Overground’s Gospel Oak And Barking Riverside Service

This service runs at a frequency of four tph.

Changing At Barking Station

Both service will use.

  • Platform 7 At Barking Station When Running Eastbound
  • Platform 8 At Barking Station When Running Westbound

Both platforms will have to handle six tph.

Would It Be Better For Changing If Both Services Were Four tph?

This would mean.

  • Passengers would never wait more than fifteen minutes to their desired destination.
  • The combined frequency would be eight tph or a train every seven-and-a half minute.
  • There would be a lot of scope for optimising the timetable for the convenience of passengers.

As an example, consider a passenger going from Barking Riverside to Fenchurch Street.

If trains were equally-spaced at Barking station, passengers would wait a maximum of seven-and-a-half minutes, if trains were on time.

On balance, if both services were four tph would be better.


If c2c and London Overground co-operate, customers will benefit.

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Grays Station To Go Step-Free

This document on the Government web site is entitled Access for All: 73 Stations Set To Benefit From Additional Funding.

Grays station is on the list.

These pictures show the station.


  1. The stopping trains from London arrive in a long bay platform 3.
  2. There are exits on both sides of the tracks.
  3. There is a subway under the tracks.
  4. There is a bridge over the tracks outside the station.
  5. The station only handles four trains per hour in both directions.

This Google Map shows the layout of the station.

Note that the main platforms can take twelve-car trains.

Installing Step-Free Access

According to a station guy, it will not be easy to add lifts to the subway and a step-free bridge will be installed.

  • The subway is narrow and two wheelchairs probably couldn’t pass.
  • There also appears to be enough space for a bridge.
  • The bridge could probably be placed either side of the main station building.

In Winner Announced In The Network Rail Footbridge Design Ideas Competition, I wrote how the competition was won by this bridge.

So could a factory-built bridge like this be installed at Grays station?

Installing such a bridge, would not need the subway to be closed, so overall the station could handle more passengers needing to cross the tracks.

This would not appear to be the most difficult of installations.

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