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Wabtec Signs $600M MoU With Kazakhstan Railway Company

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Seeking Alpha.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Wabtec announced Tuesday signing of a $600M memorandum of understanding with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy for 150 FLXdriveTM battery-electric shunters and modernization work to transform the mainline fleet into NextFuelTM liquid natural gas-powered (LNG) locomotives.


  1. It is for 150 shunting locomotives, which is not a small number.
  2. A lot of the work will be done in Kazakhstan.
  3. Wabtec certainly seem to be getting their FLXdrive technology about.
  4. Obviously LNG locomotives must be a good route to reduce carbon emissions for diesel locomotives.
  5. The Kazahks seem pleased with the deal for economic and decarbonisation reasons.

But what surprises me about this deal, is that it has not gone to Russia. Does this say something about Putin’s lack of friends.

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Kazahkstan Tourism is on the Increase

Apparently the number of tourists going to Kazahkstan is on the increase according to this article on the BBC.

But Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov told politicians on Monday, 23 April: “With the release of this film, the number of visas issued by Kazakhstan grew tenfold.

“I am grateful to ‘Borat’ for helping attract tourists to Kazakhstan.”

It probably shows that we don’t use humour enough to promote things.

On the other hand, some of the travel programs made by comedians like Billy Connolly, Mike Palin and Gryff Rhys-Jones have probably done a log to promote some of the more unusual places  in both the UK and the wider world.

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A Picture of my Lunch for Kazakh Jock

This was the lunch I took to the football at Ipswich. 

My Lunch

The filling is the finest Loch Muir smoked salmon.  The bread was the last part of a Marks and Spencer gluten-free loaf.

I ate it with Tam, but he didn’t want much, as he’s a statue!

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A Message from a Jock in Exile in Kazakhstan

I have really upset a friend of mine who is currently working in Kazahkstan, by posting a picture of a bacon sandwich.

Here is what he said.

 Here I am in the middle of now where and you show me one of the best things in life. You rotten little bugger !!! O’ps I forgot the HP just to round it off. I am so looking forward to getting home a week on Sunday as being a Jock I am having fish withdrawals as there is absolutely nothing here and I suppose I could not get any further from the open sea. There is Sturgeon but there is a ban on fishing it as they are trying to preserve the Caviar stocks after years of over fishing. So no fish, no scampi, no scallops, no lobster, no crabs in fact no anything which is nice.

Long live good old Blighty.

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The FA’s Bad Timing

When England played their qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup, I saw two; Belarus away and Kazakhstan at home.

I shall not be going to the Bulgaria match tonight despite tickets still being available and the fact that I would have liked to. The match kicks off at 8:00, which means it will be very difficult for me to get home, unless I left the match early! I would not be able to get to Liverpool Street in time for a train , that would allow me to get a taxi.

Tickets are still available! so I wonder how many others fans are not going, as they will have transport problems after the game, either through distance, health like me, or perhaps bcause they have would like to take their kids.

And then to cap it all, the match is on that awful medium for football; ITV. I might have the pictures on, but I will be listening to the excellent commentary on BBC Radio 5. 

This football fan is seriously pissed off!

According to the BBC this morning, the late start is a UEFA idea to appease the big clubs.  But then I suspect that the old farts running that so-called organisation, aren’t real fans and don’t have the transport problems or other responsibilities, that many of us have!

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