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Has Scotrail Got The Wrong Sort Of Heat?

This article on Rail Magazine is entitled Train failures and crew shortages hit Borders operation.

This is said.

ScotRail Operations Director Perry Ramsey says the company has identified a fleet-wide issue with the Class 158s that affects them particularly badly during hot weather.

Under heavy load, such as accelerating on steep gradients, the engines can overheat and shut down, leading to disruption.

So has ScotRail  got the wrong sort of heat?


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Vitamin D And Me!

On Tuesday, there was this article on the BBC, which was entitled Vitamin D ‘heals damaged hearts’. This was said.

Vitamin D supplements may help people with diseased hearts, a study suggests.

A trial on 163 heart failure patients found supplements of the vitamin, which is made in the skin when exposed to sunlight, improved their hearts’ ability to pump blood around the body.

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals team, who presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, described the results as “stunning”.

I have been discussing this with two of Europe’s top cardiologists and we’ve come to the conclusion, that I don’t get enough vitamin D.

And would you believe low vitamin D can cause; bad nails, conjunctivitis and plantar fasciitis.

I have all three!

One cardiologist pointed out that gluten-free bread and breakfast cereals aren’t fortified with vitamin D, like normal ones are.

No-one; coeliac, doctor or dietician, had ever told me that before!

So I get my vitamin D from the sun!

But as the devil has switched it off this winter, no wonder I’m in poor health!

That woman doesn’t like me!

On the other hand, I’m a London Mongrel of German Jewish and French Huguenot roots, with quarters of stubborn Devonian and solid Northants yeoman stock thrown in. A large proportion of my ancestors are also real East Enders and of course my father was a genuine Cockney.

So I hope I can give her a fight!

Incidentally, this winter, I’ve never found so many other people suffering from plantar fasciitis, so are we all suffering from a lack of sun and therefore vitamin D. Two of the sufferers were people, who had indoor jobs, that involved a lot of standing and walking.

Intriguingly, the only other time, I had bad plantar fasciitis was the winter of 2004/2005. I’m still looking for data on that winter’s weather, but this article on the  BBC from 2006 says this.

Deaths in England and Wales fell to 25,700 last winter, a decline of 19% on the previous year.

Office for National Statistics data shows the rate, which hit 31,640 in 2004/2005, is back to similar levels as the previous four years.

Statisticians look at deaths between December and March, and compare them to those during the rest of the year.


I shall not be surprised if 2015/16 has been a bad winter for the deaths of the elderly.

For myself, I’ve started taking a vitalimn D supplement as I have been advised.

I’d sit in the sun, if that woman would let it out!

You might ask, why I don’t go to the sun for a week, as I can certainly afford it.

But when you don’t like taking holidays in the sun on your own and can’t walk long distances to explore interesting sites because of the plantar fasciitis, you’re stumped!


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Rain, Beautiful Rain!

I’m feeling so much better today and it must be the break in the weather.

My face and beard doesn’t feel so dry, my gut would score at least 9/10 and my nails feel like real ones. The muck pouring down my throat has eased too!

Strangely, my INR was 2.8 on Wednesday, 2.7 yesterday and 2.1 today. It goes up and down with the weather.

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Scotland’s Weather

Carol Kirkwood, the BBC’s Scottish weatherwoman with the large wardrobe of dresses, has just given statistics to show that Scotland is having a very wet summer.

It’s funny that the weather should get worse, after the General Election, where so many Scots voted for a party that believes in total independence.

If they do leave the UK, I hope they take all that wet weather with them.

It looks like she has made her decision, as I think Carol lives somewhere in the South of England. But then she has access to all the data!

Perhaps, now is the time, for people like me, who don’t particularly like hot weather, to take a holiday North of the Border.


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BBC Weather Gets It Right

The BBC weather forecast yesterday was saying today that Prague would have a wet and thundery afternoon.

So I booked myself out of Prague on the 14:30.

And guess what? It’s raining!

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Confusion Over The Weather

This morning, the BBC ought to get its messages on the weather consistent.

Their headline is that there will be high pollution levels in the South East, which they illustrate with pictures of London.

But the weather babe on BBC London hasn’t mentioned the pollution, despite her forecast covering a lot of the South East.

And then the two presenters have just said it’s going to be a lovely day out there today.

It’s all confusing and I’ll ignore the lot of it and use my Mark One eyeballs.

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Carol Kirkwood Probably Isn’t Popular In Katesbridge

Carol Kirkwood, the BBC Breakfast weather woman seems to have got it in for Katesbridge. For a couple of days now, she has highlighed the place as being one of the coldest in the United Kingdom.

The hundred or or so people who live there must be hardy souls.


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The Only Decent Picture I Took Between Ashford And Lewes

My trip along the coast was not noted for warm, sunny weather.

This is the only decent picture I took as the train trundled from Ashford to Lewes.

The Only Decent Picture I Took Between Ashford And Lewes

The Only Decent Picture I Took Between Ashford And Lewes

The others tended to be of sodden fields in the drab cold weather. The Scots and especially Carol Kirkwood, would have called it dreek.

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The Zebra With The Weather

For those colour-deniers, who still watch television in black and white, Wendy Hurrell gave the weather on BBC London this morning in a special dress.

Do you think that the dress breaks up her silhouette, in much the same way that dazzle camouflage was used to hide the shape of warships?

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A Beautiful Day For December

Yesterday was sunny.

It’s supposed to be December. Unfortunately, the average temperature was about 4°C.

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