The Anonymous Widower

Along The River Lea To Lea Bridge

The River Lea has the reputation of being a rather stagnant open sewer in the east of London.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

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And Here’s A Video

No visit to a museum like Markfield is complete without seeing the machine fully working.

Note how getting a machine like this going, isn’t just a simple matter of flicking a switch, but often involves quite a bit of physical work and gentle coaxing.

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Two Proper Cups of Tea

The picture shows the two cups of tea we bought at the Markfield Museum.

Two Proper Cups of Tea

They had lots of things to eat, but not much that was gluten-free. The cafe also has free wi-fi, which is a must these days and seems to be in any pub or cafe worth visiting.

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The Markfield Beam Engine

The Markfield Beam Engine sits in a park in Tottenham with a cafe and a rose garden.

It is well worth a visit.

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G4S Tags Offender’s False Leg

I like this story.

The offender’s surname was Lowcock, so perhaps G4S should have realised he wasn’t your  normal customer.

Perhaps they should tag criminals round the neck, with an electronic sign on the front, detailing their offences!

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Bicycle Helmets

I don’t like them for myself, just as I don’t like wearing a helmet when I ride a horse.

In Halfords on Friday, the manager said that bicycle helmets will soon be compulsory.

I am changing my mind, but not for myself.  I get a bit fed up with kids and some older ones riding on the pavements in and out of the pedestrians.  Most seem not to be wearing helmets.  So perhaps on the spot fines would drive them off the pavements, as it’s not cool to be a nuisance with a helmet on.

The funny thing is that on paths shared by cyclists and walkers, like the Regent’s Canal, there doesn’t seem to be the same problem.

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Nimbys and Bananas

An eminent professor of engineering at a top level university has just told me about the term Banana or Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. Or perhaps Near Anyone.

There are a lot more here in the Wikipedia definition of Nimby.

All of these people are usually members of the Council for the Fossilisation of Rural England.

I of course prefer a scientifically correct approach.

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We Should Let al Megrahi Die in Peace

I’ve just heard the father of one of the Lockerbie victims say this on the BBC.  He is right, as Megrahi does really seem to be close to death according to this typical report among many. After all as the victim’s father said, Gaddafi has killed a lot more of his own people than the number that died in the PanAm jet at Lockerbie.

However, we shouldn’t let up though on finding out who was ultimately responsible for Lockerbie.  It is all too convenient to put the blame on Gaddafi, who surely will soon be dead, as I can’t see him being captured alive or escaping to a safe haven. And if he did the latter, he has made enemies, who would not hestitate to assasinate him.

After I saw Lockerbie: Unfinished Business at the Gilded Balloon last year in Edinburgh, I posted this. I stand by every word I said.

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A Wanted Extra

I needed a new bag for my tennis things.  As real tennis rackets aren’t the normal shape, a lot of bags don’t work. However, I found this one at Wigmore Sports, just behind John Lewis, which fitted the bill well.

A New Tennis Bag and a Wanted Extra

For display purposes they’d padded it with an old shoe box.  As I have to post a pair of shoes, I’ve just sold on eBay, I was pleased to take it home with me.

I would certainly recommend the shop to anyone.

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