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The Rain Claims a Victim

Tonight, the rain didn’t give up, so I took the bus to Carluccio’s in Upper Street for supper.  In fact I had to go somewhere, as I hadn’t got any supper in because of the rain.

But coming down Essex Road, there had been an accident, and as we passed, I noticed that a motor cycle was on its side and it appeared that a passer-by was giving first aid to the rider.  It looked like a police car had just arrived and they were helping out too.

Hopefully, everything will be alright in the end.

But it is that sort of night, where accidents will happen and you’re much safer in a full-size bus.

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Religious Spam

I just received some rather evangelical religious spam.  It’s funny but it is actually quite unusual to get spam like this, although I do get a fair bit through the letter box and see it stuck to the bus stop. But then that tends to be a bit phobic in various ways.

This message was just too long to read, so I deleted it.

I did have brief look at it and sees that it mentions someone called Linda Newkirk from Arkansas. Searching for her on the Internet reveals the sort of things, that give Christianity a bad name in the minds of the well-read believer.  But then people like this have always been around to burn Catholics or Protestants at the stake, persecute the Jews, Huguenots, the Muslims, the Hindus and the Sikhs, to name a small selection of those persecuted over the centuries.  And I suspect the Homo Sapiens used to persecute the Neandertals before that!

If this mad woman had any faith, she’d be against capital punishment and would proclaim the fact, as it is still legal in Arkansas.

To me anybody, who believes in capital punishment and religion is a complete hypocrite.

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The Manager is a Physio

I’m watching Southampton take on Coventry in a game that if they win, they’ll be in the Premier League next season.

Surprisingly, the Southampton manager; Nigel Adkins, trained as a physiotherapist and was employed in that position at Scunthorpe, when he was made manager there. He also played over 300 games as a goal-keeper for Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic and Bangor City. Tradition has it that keepers don’t make good managers.

However, there is a precedent for a physio, who went on to be a top-class manager; Bertie Mee, who led Arsenal to the double in 1970-71.

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Plastic Brits

There has been a lot of criticism about the UK choosing athletes, swimmers and others from other countries. There is an article on the BBC here, in which Paula Radcliffe talks about the subject and defends those who come here to compete.

But in some ways, it’s always happened. After all, Linford Christie was born in Jamaica, although he’s lived in the UK, since he was seven.

The Times today tells the story of Ben Helfgott, a Polish Jew, who survived the Holocaust and eventually ended up in England, who competed in two Olympic Games for Great Britain. He later went on to be a respected internsation weightlifting administrator.  Today at 82, he is president of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Like Paula, he wouldn’t agree with the term plastic brit.

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Is the Ukraine the Place for Euro-2012?

I have just read this article about the Ukraine on the BBC.

England will be playing their three qualifying group matches for Euro-2012 in the Ukraine, although not anywhere near where Yulia Ymoshrenko is imprisoned. The Times also reports bomb explosions in the city.

I think that it could be a bit of a difficult trip for England and especially their supporters.

Remember too, that the patron saint of the Ukraine is Saint Andrew.

Talk about a baptism of fire for England’s new manager. Fire must be fought with fire! Even if only it the of the metaphorical sort! So the England team should contain the two English heroes of the Nou Camp; Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard.  And of course Stuart Pearce must be on the touchline! Even if he’s just number two in name to some overpriced so-called man with the right experience!

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Kriss Akabusi

Kriss Akabusi was in his usual great form on the Danny Baker show this morning.

I e-mailed Danny to get him to ask about one of the great unsolved mysteries in athletics.

What did Kriss say to Antonio Pettigrew, to get the American to corpse in the 4 x 400 metres final at the World Championships in Tokyo in 1991?

It probably doesn’t matter now as it’s over twenty years ago and it won’t detract from one of Britain’s best moments at the highest level in athletics.

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It’s Official Now!

They’ve announced that the rain is now the worst since Genesis Chapters 6 to 9.

I did walk to get my paper today, but I then waited in the shelter at the bus stop and cleared out the rubbish into the bin there, before taking the bus two stops to home.

At least my copy of The Times is dry.

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Danny Baker Can’t Ride a Bike!

This may seem rather strange in these days, but Danny Baker has just announced on his Saturday morning program on BBC Radio 5, that he’s never been able to ride a bike.

After my balance problems, I doubt I’ll ever ride one again.

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