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The Man With No Fear

I read this article on the BBC web site with interest.

We are unlikely to win the World Cup in Brazil next year, as too many things are against us.  But with statements like this from the article.

“My message to the players and the nation is we’re not coming here to fear anyone, we’re coming here to respect. We know whoever we play we’re capable of winning or losing the match,” he said.

We’ve played Brazil away, we’ve played Italy away, we know they are tough games but we know we can go out and do well in them just as we can lose them as well.

I think we can say, that Roy and his team might make a good fist of it.

They will need a bit of luck in the draw tomorrow.  But Roy might just have the knack to turn an absolute stinker of a draw to everyone’s advantage.

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The Itinerary For The Trip To Bilbao

I’ve now firmed up my trip to Bilbao and home.

Sunday, December 8th

I fly out on the easyJet flight, EZY3325, which leaves at 18:25.

I have booked into the Silken Gran Dominie by the Guggenheim Museum for two nights.

Monday, December 9th

Tuesday, December 10th

I travel by train to Hendaye from where I get a train to Biarritz.

Bilbao-Hendaye – 6:40 to 11:28, 9:15 to 13:51

I have booked the Radisson Blu for two nights.

Wednesday, December 11th

I shall find a very good restaurant on this day, as it will be six years since C died.

Thursday, December 12th

I travel by train to Bordeaux, where I’m booked into the Le Boutique Hotel for one night.

Friday, December 13th

I take the TGV to Paris and then the 20:13 Eurostar to London.

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A Lazy Fish Pie

This was one from Lindsey Bareham in The Times last week, called an Emmental and Spinach Fish Pie.

A Lazy Fish Pie

A Lazy Fish Pie

It was little effort at all, and I made two, one of which I froze.

Twin Pies

Twin Pies

I shall be eating it on Saturday night, when I get back from the football.

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Did The Design Of The Clutha Bar Make Rescue Difficult?

I found this article on the BBC’s web site, which postulates that the building hampered rescue work in the Glasgow helicopter crash. Here’s the first paragraph.

The recovery operation at the Glasgow pub where a helicopter crashed was hampered by the building’s design, according to a senior fire officer.

But if you read the article, you’ll see that the building hadn’t been built as a bar and had been converted.

Obviously, helicopters don’t land on buildings every day, so to design every building to be able to sustain the fall of a three-tonne weight onto the roof, is probably far too expensive.

But other catastrophes can happen and was the building designed well enough to not trap people in say a fire or gas explosion?

We should make sure, we take  note of all the lessons from this crash.

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High Buildings And High Winds

This tragic story from Leeds about high winds round a high building is a cautionary tale.

All too often we don’t fully test a building’s affect on the environment properly, before it is actually built.  Look at the problems of the Walkie-Talkie in the sun.

I tend to not linger in the bus station at London Bridge, as sometimes the downdraught from The Shard is more than too much for me.

The only thing that would make architects think more, is if one of these troublesome buildings had to be demolished.

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Scrapping The Car Tax Disc

It has been reported that the government is going to scrap the car tax disc.

It won’t affect me, but I think there will be an alliance of those, who want to keep it.

There will be those, who will object solely on the basis, that the only way to check will be to look it up on a database and this is an infringement on their liberties.

It will also make it difficult for busybodies to report  neighbours, who constantly park outside their house, for not having a tax disc.

If the DVLA did the system properly, you would only be able to pay road tax on-line, so that would annoy the Internet refuseniks.

And then there’s the unions, who may complain about the job loses at Swansea and in the Royal Mail.

I’ll be surprised, if they are abandoned it, without a fight from a very odd alliance of troublemakers.

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nPower Says Sorry

I’m leaving nPower after three years to go to OVO Energy. This is mainly because I want to try out one of these new energy suppliers and see how easy it is to swap from one supplier to another.

I will save myself just over a hundred pounds a year, although the price changes announced by the Government may mean that this figure changes.

Today though, I received an apology from nPower for bad service. Here’s the start of it.

We look after 5.4 million customer accounts in the UK. Our aim is to make sure everyone has the best possible experience as an npower customer.

However, we’ve let many of you down recently in the overall levels of customer service we’ve been providing. We apologise unreservedly. We promise that if you have been impacted by the billing system problems we’ve had, you will not lose out financially as a direct result.

It goes on to give a good explanation of their problems.

I should say though, that I’ve not had one negative issue with the company.

So even if prices aren’t as low as we’d like, the customer service of one of the Big Six power companies is doing things properly.

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