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Serial Cooking – A Simple Kedgeree

This simple kedgeree comes from Lindsey Bareham in The Times.

It was one of the best meals that I’ve cooked serially.

I only ate half and will pack the rest for my trip to Rotherham on Saturday.

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BT Broadband’s Crap Football Broadcasts

BT now deliver their sport channels by broadband, which generally makes it unwatchable, unless you’ve got BT Infinity. Which of course is not available to me, as I’m too close to exchange. BT’s words not mine!

I often joke about what Brian Redhead said about the relative merits of radio and television.

If television had been invented first, radio would be the dominant medium, as the pictures are better!

Today, it’s absolutely true, as the pictures my mind are creating from the words on BBC Radio 5, are an order of magnitude better than BT’s crap pictures of the football.

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I Thought Dinosaurs Were Extinct

I watched a lot of the debate the so-called three parent babies and am very pleased that the House of Commons voted in favour. The debate is covered fully in this article on the BBC web site.

I saw several men and no women put up ridiculous arguments as to why they were voting against. Several of these dinosaurs are listed as Roman Catholic on Wikipedia.

But David WillettsLiz McInnes and Jane Ellison amongst others put forward sane arguments that carried the day.

No MP has any business to use principles of his or her religion to legislate for others in the UK, who do not share their faith.

So if a Jewish or Muslim member, wants to bring in a bill banning the eating of pork in the UK, they should have no right.

I am old enough to remember the birth of Louise Brown; the world’s first IVF baby.  We look at IVF as commonplace and Robert Edwards won a Nobel Prize for his work in the field, but at the time it was controversial.

I believe that in a few years time, this technique, which is being developed at Newcastle University, will also enter the mainstream too.

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Her Majesty’s Daily Telegraph’s Guide To Energy Companies

This article in the Daily Telegraph entitled The Best Energy Companies You’ve Never Heard Of is a must read.

I swapped about fifteen months ago to OVO and don’t regret it one bit.

What nobody tells you is that to switch your energy supplier the first time, you probably spend an hour or so getting all the numbers of meters and other things you need to swap. Let’s say my big energy supplier didn’t cooperate.

But now in my profile on OVO all of those numbers are clearly displayed. So a second swap should be a piece of cake, if I needed to do it.

There are lots of these new small energy supplies out there, so when you swap choose one that suits your needs. Or perhaps one that is local to your residence or business!


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Three Parent Babies

MPs are set to debate the ethics of so-called three parent babies today.

I was reasonably lucky with my three children and there won’t be any more, as I’m had the snip.

But I’m certain, that C, would have been distraught, if she’d produced a string of handicapped babies. I certainly would have been and any technique that stopped problems is to be welcomed.

So let’s hope narrow-minded religious minorities don’t stop the adoption of this technique.

It is interesting to read this article in the Telegraph, which gives the view of Lord Winston, who is an Orthodox Jew

On a related point, I have a genetic disease, but sadly I only found out about my coeliac disease, when I was fifty. If I’d known earlier, it might have meant that my son, who died from cancer, had been found to carry the disease, so perhaps he would have led a better lifestyle.

If it had been known to earlier generations of my father’s family, I suspect that the family wouldn’t contain the large number of childless females and those who have suffered from serious cancer that it does.


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Ashford To Get A Signalling Update

This story from Global Rail News about the updating of the signalling at Ashford to allow Eurostar’s new e320 trains to stop at the station, is about a project that is one of whole host of small projects that probably should be done to keep our railways up to scratch.

Big projects like Thameslink, Crossrail and the Northern Hub, may seem to get all the headlines and money, but often smaller projects are very important to the smooth running of trains and trhe maintenance of existing services.

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An Essex Girl Shows New Yorkers How To Behave

We often forget that Dame Helen Mirren was brought up in Leigh-on-Sea, although she was born in Hammersmith.

There’s a story in the Daily Telegraph showing her riding in state on the New York subway and the praise she has received for her perfect posture and behaviour.

Essex Girls may be the butt of jokes, but like Dame Helen, they are often blessed with strong wills to do the right thing.

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