The Anonymous Widower

PayDay Saving

Is this an alternative approach to PayDay Lending?

PayDay Saving

PayDay Saving

I hope the Winchester isn’t like the one in Minder.

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A Real Pub Sign

I like to see a real pub sign.

A Real Pub Sign

A Real Pub Sign

This one is on the Cat and the Canary at Canary Wharf.

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The Wheatsheaf, Enfield Chase

The Wheatsheaf, by Enfield Chase station, is another pub, where I used to drink with my mate, Pete, like the Warwick in New Barnet.

The Wheatsheaf, Enfield Chase

The Wheatsheaf, Enfield Chase

Both these pubs were on the 107 bus route from where we lived at Oakwood.

If I’d walked back up the hill in the 1960s, I would have seen the local printing firm of Bennett and Starling, who were one of my father’s competitors. The site is now a littleWaitrose and some housing.

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Some Stupid Smokers

It was too wet to get my camera out, with it raining terribly badly an hour or so ago.

However, two women, were huddling under an umbrella outside the pub on the corner, trying to have a fag.

If the fags don’t give them cancer, the weather will give them pneumonia!

You can only die one way, but these two stupid women will certainly manage to do it before their time.

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Faggots Anyone

I’ve never eaten faggots and was surprised to see them advertised outside a Wetherspoon‘s pub in Wolverhampton.

Faggots Anyone

Faggots Anyone

I wonder if you can buy faggots outside of the UK.  Where lets face it, they are not always common. I don’t think they’re gluten-free either, as they are rolled in breadcrumbs.

Incidentally, the pub was reserved for home fans only.

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Gates To A Palace?

Are these the gates to a palace? Or as they are in Liverpool, perhaps they’re the gates to a bishop or archbishop’s residence.

Gates To A Palace?

But no! They’re the gates to a pub. But it is the Philharmonic Dining Rooms.

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A Pub For Coeliacs?

Yesterday, A pub manager from Islington added a comment to one of my posts.  said he’d got a good selection of gluten free beers in his pub called the Florence in Florence Street, Islington.

I went for a drink yesterday and it would appear he’s going to make very good provision for coeliacs with both food and drink. I just had half of Aspalls.  And very good it was too!

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Who Ate All The Kedgeree?

This board in the Fox pub on Paul Street by Old Street Tube station tells a tale.

Who Ate All The Kedgeree?

But who ate all the very nice kedgeree?

I did.  And very nice it was too!

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Liverpudlian Humour

They used to say you don’t have to have a sense of humour to live in Liverpool, but it helps.

A Creche For Husbands

Strangely, the pub didn’t seem to be that busy.  But then it was the middle of the afternoon. Or could it be that the average Liverpudlian felt that as they’d spelt crèche wrong, the pub wasn’t very cultured?

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It Was The Scousers That Nicked It!

Congratulations all round to Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port fsctory for getting the nod to manufacture the new Astra, as reported here.

Duncan Aldred, the chairman of Vauxhall, who had a lot of say in the decision, is not exactly a scouser, as he was born in Bolton, but then Aldred is quite a common surname in Liverpool and one of the Senior Lecturers in Engineering at Liverpool University in the 1960s was another of the clan. So one way or another the man who took the decision was on the payroll of the Scouse Army.

I suspect though, that one drink in the Phil was enough to get the Americans on his side, as who could resist a city and its workforce after seeing some of the best pub toilets in the world.

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