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Thameslink Should Be On The Tube Map


  • Cambridge and Gatwick Airport are two of the most important destinations within an hour of Central London.
  • The outer branches of Thameslink to East Croydon, St. Albans, Welwyn Garden City and Wimbledon act in a similar manner to Underground Lines.
  • The central core of Thameslink will be used by many as just another Underground Line.
  • The London Overground is on the Tube Map.
  • Crossrail will be on the Tube Map.

For these and other reasons, the London sections of Thameslink should be on the Tube Map.

If Thameslink should be added, what about the Northern City Line?

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An Amateur Tube Map

This amateur Tube Map is published in Gizmondo.

Amateur Tube Map

Amateur Tube Map

It is a brave attempt to make something that is getting increasingly complicated, more readable.

As I travel around Europe, I see some terrible maps, but the biggest sin is places, where they show their maps far to small or place them so you have to be nearly two metres tall to see them.

London has a unique advantage in that many stations have been designed so you go down the escalators, you are often in a large spacious lobby, with often quite large flat walls. Also with the removal of booking offices, there is now often a sizeable flat wall, as you enter the station from the street.

The current common map in stations is printed in A0 format which is 841 x 1189 millimetres. But there are larger paper sizes.

So why not use 2A0 (1189 x 1682 mm.) or even 4A0 (1682 z 2378 mm.)?

They could be printed direct onto high-strength vinyl in a similar way to the advertising you see wrapped around buses and trains.

Not all maps would be this size, but I believe putting them in prominent locations on the transport network would be a good idea.

After all, we’re always being told Big is Beautiful.

Eventually, as electronic screens get larger and more affordable, these could be used.

It doesn’t really matter what the map looks like, as I hope any bad ones would never be displayed.

But size and readability is everything!

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The New Tube Map

This report on CityLab says that the new tube map is getting some serious hate.

I think that TfL aren’t that pleased with the new Tube Map, as on the newly-added Overground stations, the new Tube and Rail map is more common. As all London’s railways get more and more connected by better stations, it’s probably going to be the more important map in the end.

One thing I’d like to see is a much larger Tube and Rail map on the wall in strategic places, like perhaps in the entrance hall to a station or on the often blank wall you face, when you come down the escalator.

A Virgin customer service guy at I think Coventry, told me that he’d like to see all London connected stations have the Tube and Rail Map, as he was always being asked difficult questions, that customers could answer from such a map.

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