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The Double-Ended Tottenham Court Road Crossrail Station

Tottenham Court Road station is being expanded for Crossrail.

I took these pictures as I walked along Oxford Street from Centrepoint to the new station entrance at Dean Street.


  • The two new triangular glass entrances in front of Centrepoint.
  • The new entrance on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, that I wrote about inThe Shape Of Things To Come.
  • The Dean Street entrance to Tottenham Court Road station surrounded by pink hoardings.

This visualisation shows the layout of the station.

Tottenham Court Road Station

Tottenham Court Road Station



It is shown from the South, with Centrepoint on the right.

I’ll only know when the station opens, but I do get the impression, that a lot of the walking routes between lines are step-free, unlike Oxford Circus station.

Where the Central and Northern Lines are shown, they are in appropriate colours and the thicker sections are the stations.


This map from shows the arrangement of the lines between Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road stations.

Bond Street, Oxford Street And Tottenham Court Road Stations

Bond Street, Oxford Street And Tottenham Court Road Stations

I Hope it makes everything clearer.


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Tottenham Court Road Station Gains A Giant Fosterito

The second new entrance to Tottenham Court Road station opened today.

The entrance under the shadow of Centre Point, is a giant British version of the fosteritos on the Bilbao Metro.

Tottenham Court Road station, is probably one of first stations to be designed since London adopted contactless ticketing.

In my view, the design has certainly benefited, with its vast ticket hall, wide gate line and uncluttered area, where people can pass through quickly.

Simple is certainly efficient!

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Tottenham Court Road Station – 14th September 2015

At least the jams gave me time to take a few pictures.

The Central Line platforms at the station can’t open too soon.

According to this page on the TfL web site, the platforms will open around December 2015.

It will be a big day for me personally, as they’ll help my getting around Central London.

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The Southern Entrance To Tottenham Court Road Station Takes Shape

One of the consequences of the building of Crossrail has been the need to virtually completely rebuild Tottenham Court Road station. The rebuild is not small as the station is future-proofed for the building of Crossrail 2, which will also call at the station. Wikipedia says this about future developments at the station.

If the proposed Chelsea-Hackney line, now known as Crossrail 2 when built, it will have a station at Tottenham Court Road, and the development plans include facilities to take account of this. This would be the only planned interchange between Crossrail 1 and Crossrail 2. A massive boost in capacity to the existing station will be needed to host both lines. The station was safeguarded as part of the route in 1991 and 2007. Redevelopment of the station will include space for platforms on the line.

The station is being rebuilt with a large ticket hall under the forecourt of Centre Point, which has a new northern exit on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. These pictures show the new southern exit for the station taking shape.

It certainly looks like it will be dramatic. This page on the Stanton Williams web site has a picture of new entrances in front of Centre Point.

It certainly isn’t ordinary! It also looks like London is getting a new plaza.

I think the entrances open later this year, together with the reopening of the Central Line platforms. I took some of the pictures from the top deck of a 38 bus, which gives good views into the site as you go towards Islington from Piccadilly Circus.

It does look that the grubby end of Oxford Street is getting a major improvement.

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The Shape Of Things To Come

I visited the newly-reopened Tottenham Court Road station and took these pictures.

The pictures were taken in sequence. I arrived on a Northern Line train from Embankment, took the steps and long escalators to the enormous ticket hall, where I got sanother escalator to the station entrance, where you are delivered at pavement level. I then left on a 10 bus, from where I took the last pictures.

Obviously, there is still work to do, but you have to remember that this is perhaps a third of the station that will have been created by when Crossrail opens. The Central Line will be connected again, an entrance will be positioned by Centre Point and a new large entrance to the west in Dean Street is being built.

This Google Earth image shows the area around Soho Square.

The Soho Square Area

The Soho Square Area

Tottenham Court Road station and the iconic Centre Point at the top right corner and Dean Street to the left or west.

Note the distance between the two entrances, which emphasises how long the platforms are to accommodate two hundred metre long trains, that call at two hundred and sixty metre long platforms. Crossrail describes their new station with these points.

  1. 24 trains per hour service at peak times in each direction
  2. 260m – length of platform tunnels
  3. 25m – platform depth
  4. 102,000 passengers are estimated to use Crossrail station each day
  5. 40 utilities diverted in and around Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street
  6. 500,000 square feet of premium retail, office and residential accommodation created at eastern end of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road
  7. £1bn – total investment to build Crossrail station and upgrade capacity of existing Tube station

It is a massive project in its own right and will totally reform the area.

This new tube station is just the first manifestation. The first benefit other than better exit and exit to the Underground, will probably be lots of walking short cuts on the area, when it is busy or raining hard.


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Tottenham Court Road Station Reopens

Today they reopened the Northern line platforms at Tottenham Court Road station.

The pictures show some of the unique mosaics in the station by Eduardo Paolozzi.  One picture shows the naked Northern line platform. Will it get the proper treatment or something very anonymous?

It would appear from this page on TfL’s website, that the murals will be complimented by more artwork from Daniel Buren. This is an extract.

Buren’s is the second piece of permanent artwork to be installed at Tottenham Court Road station, complementing the now iconic 1984 mosaic designs by the late Eduardo Paolozzi. The majority of the Paolozzi mosaics are being preserved in the upgraded station, whilst some smaller sections will be carefully removed and displayed elsewhere.

Let’s hope it all works out!  I suspect it will!

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