The Anonymous Widower

It’s That Mother Again!

The Standard today has yet another article, about the mother who doesn’t want her son to have radiotherapy.

I’m getting rather fed up with this woman.

it’s not news, but a personal tragedy for everyone involved.

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We’re All QPR Supporters Today!

I’ve been travelling around London today, in my Ipswich Town hat and several have remarked to me, about what a good result Harry got with QPR against Chelsea. It’s here on the BBC.

I think it illustrates how most real football fans have nothing but contempt for clubs like Chelski and are not slow to rub it in when they lose.  It was the same when I came back from Bolton a few weeks ago.

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Concord, Massachusetts Bans Small Water Bottles

This story on the BBC web site shows how people get their green priorities wrong.

We should probably drink tap water and the only time, I drink the bottled stuff, is if I need water on a train, plane or on the street.

They have banned water, but not fizzy drinks, which unlike water make you obese. But then if you did ban fizzy drinks, the cola manufacturers would have something to say about it.

I did have a drink out today.  it was a lemonade at Leon in Kings Cross station. This is the nutrition details for the drink. It did come in an appropriately sized plastic cup.

It is good to be green, but you must be scientifically green and make sure the science and the economics stack up.

I have an aside here on the subject of lemonade.  In the 1970s, we were driving across the United States and needed some petrol. We pulled into the garage and the pump attendant asked if we needed lemonade. It was his slang for unleaded petrol.

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They were talking to Charlie Boorman on the radio this afternoon and dyslexia came up.

I was brought up in a letterpress print works, where of course all the letters are backwards.

An expert once told me that playing with these letters could have made me dyslexic.

It didn’t and even after a bad stroke, it all works reasonably well. I’ve met others, who have had a similar upbringing to me and it has enhanced rather than hindered the brain. For instance, I have a very powerful image mirroring ability.

The brain is a strange wonderful thing. Where would be without it?

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A Phone For A Tenner From O2

One of my Nokia 6310i’s has packed up again. So I thought I’d buy a cheap Pay-as-you-Go phone that will take my contract sim.

Three Nokia Phones

Three Nokia Phones

It’s the phone on the left, with the one that failed on the right. It cost me just £10 rom the O2 shop at the Angel.

Incidentally, the one in the middle had been in the drawer for something like six months.  I pulled it out, fitted the sim and it worked immediately.  There was even a little bit of charge left in the battery.

As the lady in the shop said, those old phones have wonderful batteries.

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Drunken US Sailors

There has been some entertaining correspondence in the letters pages of The Times lately about alcohol on ships in the US Navy.

Some years ago, I worked briefly with an American engineer, who’d been an officer on a US Navy nuclear submarine.  He told the hilarious tale of how they visited Portsmouth in the 1960s.  They needed to be resupplied and asked for cases of fresh orange juice.  This was not in the Royal Navy stores at the time, so they sent them bottles of beer instead. The only problem was where to hide the beer and according to the tale, much was kept in the torpedo tubes.

A good time was had by all concerned.

Another tale I heard from a former US Navy officer, was when they were working with the Royal Navy, or any other one with a sensible alcohol policy, face-to-face meetings generally didn’t take place on the US ships.

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The Man-Hernia

In the 1960s, if you had to lift something large in the pub where I worked, it was a two or three man-hernia job.

It was in quite common usage, but this unit of shifting seems to have died out.

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Winter Fuel Payments

A former minister, Paul Burstow is suggesting that winter fuel payments be means-tested. It’s here on the BBC.

I’m over 65 and get a state pension, winter fuel payments, free travel in London through my Freedom Pass and discounts in lot of places including on National Rail through my Senior Railcard.

I would like to get a statement each year, as to how much I’ve received.  I could then give an equivalent amount to charities of my choice. Probably, I’d to that on my birthday to celebrate cheating the Devil for another year.

If the government didn’t pay me, they’d only blow in on some ridiculous project.

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Is This The Cheapest And Quickest Way To Get From The Netherlands To London?

I’ve gone to the Netherlands quite a few times in recent years. I used to used to drive and use the ferries, but now that I don’t drive, I use the trains or the planes.

To investigate the Dutch High-Speed trains, I’m going out next Tuesday by Eurostar to Brussels, from where I’m going to play the stroppy English speaking tourist and try to get to The Hague.

Coming home, I’ll be flying easyJet into Southend.  The last time I did this, an hour after I boarded the flight at Schipol, I was on the train to Stratford, as the transfer at London’s newest airport was rather quick.

But the amazing thing was I was able to book the flight on next Wednesday for just £42.41. That looks good value to me, especially as getting home from Southend, is only a few pounds to get to the Zone 6 boundary to get into Freedom Pass territory.

I’ve also looked at a mid-February Wednesday and it would appear that fares to Southend from Schipol, are generally the cheapest, with some fares under thirty pounds.

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