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Thieves Target Sochi 2014

I found this story in the Moscow Times after being pointed to the thefts by the headline in The Times of Thieves Try To Scrap Winter Olympics. here’s the first paragraph of the story.

With less than three months left until the Winter Olympic Games, city authorities in Sochi are embroiled in a battle with an unexpected vice: the theft of manhole covers by metal scavengers.

Some 800 manhole covers were stolen in the last couple of weeks, most of them sold as scrap metal to any one of 20 recycling companies, city officials said.

I suppose President Putin is blaming gay thieves.

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The Shame Of Forced Marriage

There has just been a piece on Radio 5 live on the BBC, about forced marriage.  They interviewed a lady, who many years ago as a thirteen-year-old, was taken to Pakistan and told she couldn’t come back until she was pregnant. She said that little had changed in all those years and now works as a counsellor.

Surely, the behaviour of parents like this is little different to some of the high-profile sex abuse cases we’ve had in the news lately. They should be prosecuted now, if they are still alive.

All of these practices must be stamped out.

My late wife, who dealt with a lot of child abuse and abduction cases, once said that a lot of problems could be helped or even stopped, if every time a child was taken out of the UK, the passport was checked and noted.

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Rape Justice – Dubai Style

This story is horrific.

Why anybody would want to go to such an awful place, I do not know. I went once with C and we we found it a hot concrete jungle with no soul.

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The Real On-Line Criminals

This article about unfair terms and conditions in agreements with on-line retailers is enlightening.

The companies they name and shame are Microsoft, Netflix and Apple. I never deal with any of these on-line.

I think the only company, I regurlarly give money to over the Internet, that doesn’t have physical presence, is WordPress, where I host this blog.  I just give them a few dollars for extra storage and so I can use video. But as Facebook found with Instagram, I would vote with my fingers and move, if they did something I really didn’t like.

The article on the BBC, does give the name of a project that rates the Terms and Conditions of web sites call TOS; DR. It’s here.

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Theft At Cash Machines On The Rise

This story says that thefts at cash machines are on the rise. I’ve never been targeted and I usually make sure I get my money out at machines I know well and often in the morning, as prejudice says that criminals always lie in bed as they drunk too much last night. I also often use a machine inside a branch of Nationwide, because there are comfortable seats there to sit down, whilst I sort it all out. This paragraph from the article is telling and shows how to use a stolen card to get cash.

The perpetrators used the card to lay £400 in bets at Ladbrokes and withdrew £240 in cash.

As someone, who once held a licence for a betting shop, I know the fiddles that go on in these places.

Incidentally, a fraud expect told me, that he’d analysed card thefts and subsequent withdrawals.  He felt that if customers used an easy pin like  1234, it was more likely to be discovered. My pin jumps about all over the place, so I hope if someone watches they can’t get it.

I have said before in this post, that I wish my bank statement gave me more information about my withdrawals, with perhaps the location of the cash machine. I think, if this was done, it would alert customers, that perhaps their card had been skimmed.

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A real Crime-Solving Lawyer

This story, which is all over the media, shows how to solve the theft of an iPad.

The West Midlands police seemed to be as useful as a chocolate tea-pot.

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What’s Going On In Luton?

Luton has always struck me as a rather boring place, which is a bit like Ipswich, but last night they had their ninth shooting in a year, as reported here on the BBC.

What is going on?


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The End Of the Affair?

With Vicky Pryce being released from jail this morning and Chris Huhne probably to come out too, will this mark the end of the affair?

I doubt it and it will still cause money to be wasted, some of which will have been contributed by taxpayers.

Surely, the solution to this affair, was when Huhne was found guilty of lying to a Court, he should have been banned from driving for life.  Perhaps, Pryce should have suffered the same fate, as she was aiding and abetting a convicted criminal to drive.

Perhaps, we need an offence of using a driving licence to commit crime, which should be punishable by a life ban from driving.

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Now That Is A Bank Raid!

There are reports from the United States about what must rank as the world’s biggest bank robbery.  The story is on France24 here. Here’s the opening paragraph.

Cyber thieves around the world stole $45 million by hacking into debit card companies, lifting withdrawal limits, and helping themselves from cash machines, US authorities said Thursday.

It just shows how you should carefully monitor your bank account.

I think it also shows, that your money is probably safer in an account or securities, where it is working hard. After all, suppose you have money in a deposit account, in the same bank account, as your main current account, a crooked bank employee could perhaps hack your account, move the money to your current account and get his friends to withdraw it from cash machines with forged bank cards. It may seem to be an unlikely scenario, but when the truth comes out from this mega-robbery, it might be only one step away from a scenario the banks believe can’t happen.

A bank is only as secure as its weakest link. As we’ve seen over the last few years, they have found a few of those.  But how many more are there?

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Missing White Woman Syndrome

This article on the BBC web site is an interesting observation on the dreadful cases of abduction in Cleveland.

The trouble is that the media knows what stories are popular and will generate more advertising.

Although, the article is mainly about the United States, could we say honestly hand-on-heart, that the media would have taken the same interest in the Madeleine McCann case, if she had not been white?

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