The Anonymous Widower

A Man Bites Dog Story

Judging by how many times it has been read, the readers of the BBC web site, find this story, where a cow goes through the roof of a house and kills a man in his bed,  funny.

But then anybody who has lived in the country, knows that farming is not a totally safe business.

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A Visit To The World’s Best Therapist

I had a bit of a shock this morning, as the news said that somebody I might know had died in tragic circumstances.

So I decided that I needed to explore some parts of the London Underground. I intended to have breakfast at Leon in Kings Cross station and then I intended to see if I could find the Underground maps in Lego.

I then visited all the maps before I finished up at Stratford, from where I took the Overground home.

As I often do, I met some interesting people, including a young lady accompanied by her charming baby, who with her partner had taken a train all the way back from Istanbul and soon were going to Denmark overland. Where do I find a lady of a compatible age to myself, who likes trains, architecture and football?  Especially, to accompany me to Odessa to see the Potemkin Steps, watch England in Kiev and then come home via Warsaw and Berlin.

i certainly felt a lot better, as I say down to watch the cricket.  But I still don’t know if I knew the person, who died.

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The Stairway To Heaven Memorial At Bethnall Green

The memorial to those killed in the Bethnal Green Underground Disaster is now almost complete.

According to the Stairway To Heaven Memorial Trust website, only the staircase needs completing.



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How Not To Deal With Deceased Customers

Virgin Media is called over the coals in this article on the BBC web site, where they messed up over the account of someone who’d died.

When C died, I didn’t have anything similar although dealing with some organisations was more difficult than others. I actually had a letter published in The Times about it.

I was widowed last year, and it is only now that I’m starting to get my life together. The response of the various government and local authority departments in handling all the paperwork involved has been very patchy.
Registrars: excellent, very sympathetic and efficient; Work and Pensions: bereavement allowance came through with a few hiccups, but not too difficult; Premium Bonds: system worked but could have been better; council tax: this was reduced automatically on signing a form by St Edmundsbury — totally painless; DVLA: its online systems worked well; winter fuel payment: found difficult to claim and missed it for last year.
The private sector wasn’t that much better, with some companies having people whose sole job appeared to be to deal with bereavement faring much better than those that didn’t. Some wanted death certificates, some accepted faxed copies and others took my word.
We need a lot more joined-up thinking in this important area, as, with nearly a million deaths in the UK every year, it would surely help the bereavement process for those left behind if every company, organisation, government department and authority were automatically notified. After all, if St Edmundsbury can do it here in supposedly sleepy Suffolk, then surely everyone else can.

The best private company was undoubtedly Carphone Warehouse, who had a dedicated person dealing with the accounts of customers who’d died.  They even sent me a refund, which I spent on a good bottle of wine.

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Love Is All You Need

I saw Love Is All You Need tonight at the Barbican cinema.

It was I think the first Danish film, I’ve ever seen and it was certainly one of the few films at which I cried at the end.

But then the two main characters were a widower and a woman going through breast cancer.  I am of course the first and C suffered a bought of breast cancer, which she successfully overcame.

On the whole though it is an excellent film and quite uplifting.

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A Memorial At Southwark Cathedral

I’ve been to Southwark Cathedral many times, but I’ve never seen this memorial.

It is to a Native American chief called Mahomet Weyonomon.

The whole story is a very sad and sorry tale.

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A Place In Times Of Stress

Today, I was going to have lunch with an old business partner in Surrey and getting to Waterloo station took me past Southwark Cathedral.

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral

So I dropped by to have a quiet contemplation. As I’ve said in another post this place is special to me and as the sister of one of my friends, has a child near to death, I wanted to add my point fourpennyworth. Also being the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral I wanted to show respect privately in the way I do. I remember years ago, when Princess Diana’s funeral took place, I was on holiday in Northumberland with C. She watched it with a friend on the television and I just sat on the coast of Holy Island. I never watch this type of State pageantry on the television.

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Mrs Thatcher: A Professional Woman

I never met Margaret Thatcher, although I should have done, solely because she got her priorities right.

A few months after we won our Queen’s Award, I went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen,several politicians and a few others, for a reception, which I described here. Each company incidentally sent three people.

Mrs. Thatcher was supposed to attend, but the Welsh Secretary died that evening and she had other more important things to sort out.

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The Selfishness Of Suicide

A good friend of my late wife’s has recently died of cancer.  He had been suffering for some time and having gone through two cancer-related family deaths in recent years, I can understand in some ways, how his wife felt.

Some doctors were worried I might be suicidal, but I wasn’t, partly because, my wife had prepared me for the future and also because I had strong support from my son and of course, lots of others.

Sadly though, in my late wife’s friend’s case, his wife thought the best thing to do was commit suicide. I don’t think she had any idea of the number of devastated people she would leave behind her. I wish that someone had told me of the cancer, as I might have been able to say something of value. On the other hand, I probably couldn’t have done! But I have been rather down for the last few days!

Life may be very bad at times, but there is no excuse for suicide, unless possibly it is totally in agreement with all those around you.

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How To Put Down A Dog

Most of our dogs have lived a long life, with one basset and a couple of setters getting to past thirteen, which is not a bad age for a dog.

But one incident of the end of a dog’s life stands out. Charlotte, our English Setter, who is pictured here, was probably about fifteen and for several days, she’d hardly touched her food or ventured outside her bed in the kitchen. Our amazing horse vet, Philip, who’d passed through in his usual hurry, a couple of days before, had told us that she didn’t have long and to call him, when we thought the time was near. So that evening I’d called him about six and he said he was busy and would turn up later.

I was writing software and eventually Philip turned up just after midnight. He ascertained that Charlotte hadn’t probably more than a few hours and then did what he had to do.

Normally, Philip didn’t have time to stop, but I asked him if he’d like a drink, suggesting tea or something stronger.

He had probably had a bad day, so asked for the latter.

Between us we finished off the greater part of a bottle of Irish whiskey!

I would like to think, that when my time is up, that I could go in the same dignified way that Charlotte did, with the pain for those present helped in an appropriate manner, by either alcohol, coffee or cake!

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