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A Beagle Comes To Hoxton

One of my Internet trawls found this restaurant, called Beagle, that is opening in Hoxton. I paid it a visit today.

It is conveniently situated underneath the railway arches of the East  London line at Hoxton station, just behind the Geffrye Museum.

One of the staff said they would be doing gluten-free food, so I think I’ll give it a try after it opens on Monday the eighth and when I return from my travels to Budapest.

The designers seem to have done a good job.

I wonder if it will set a precedent for stylish restaurants in stations on the London Overground!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to eat  and drink your way in a complete circle around London!

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It Must Be A Mountain Goat

I saw this sculpture in Spitalfields today.

I quite like it!

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Has This Starbucks Died?

I saw this Srarbucks from a 38 bus yesterday in Theobalds Road.

Has This Starbucks Died?

Has This Starbucks Died?

It looks a bit derelict.  Is it a casualty of the company’s tax planning strategy?

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What Would Happen If We Banned Steeplechasing?

Many believe that the Grand national and all steeplechasing should be banned.

I don’t!

But what would happen if we did ban it?

All our major races would probably move to Ireland or if the Scottish government decided not to ban it, to Scotland.

They would be overjoyed and some places in the UK, like Liverpool and Cheltenham, would lose quite a few jobs and lots of income.

But life in this country would lose one of its great spectacles. Soon horse racing would be reduced to a shadow of its former self, with probably only all-weather racing on the flat surviving.

I do think sometimes, that the various antis in all sorts of areas, have one aim in their mind; to take all the fun out of our lives.

If a man has never made love to a woman, who’s wearing nothing but a fur coat, he’s never lived! Incidentally, it wasn’t C’s coat either and it was at a two hour break in proceedings in a Catholic wedding.

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Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

I’ve just had some spam, trying to get me to sign up to Coral Bookmakers.

As I have a betting shop near me and an on-line account, I don’t need another.

So who is the Chief Executive of Coral? None other than Andy Hornby, who is one of the HBOS Three.

Some people never learn, how to run a business!

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Dalston Junction To Gatwick Airport

Since it opened, I’ve usually taken the Overground to Clapham Junction station and changed for Gatwick Airport there.

This morning, for my flight out on Monday to Budapest, I looked up to see what the standard train information site said.  They recommended changing at Clapham Junction station.

I’ve just bought a ticket from Clapham Junction to Gatwick Airport on-line.  No problem there, but why can’t I pick it up at Dalston Junction station?

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Should We Buy Tea Shares?

The Times today makes a joke on the business pages about builders in wet February and freezing March, sitting around in huts drinking tea.

I must admit my consumption, has been very high in recent months.

So should we put our money where our mouth sups and invest in tea shares?

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Labour Can’t Win If It’s On Mick Philpott’s Side

This is the headline on an opinion in The Times.

It’s full of good facts and is a must read.

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NICE Says Ban All Smoking In Hospital Grounds

This is reported in The Times.

I can never understand, why it has not been implemented.

The Times also reports that PruHealth have found that the biggest reason people give for quitting smoking, is the price of cigarettes.

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George Osborne Must Be Getting Paranoid

Those on the Left, blame George Osborne for all the country’s troubles.

So he is under the attack in two major stories this morning.

In the first story, it’s Osborne’s comments about convicted manslaughterer; Mick Philpott.

Mr Osborne said a debate was needed about whether the state should “subsidise lifestyles like that”.

But shadow chancellor Ed Balls condemned Mr Osborne’s comments as “a cynical act of a desperate chancellor”

I have a feeling, that most voters in the UK, except those living on benefits with umpteen children would agree with Osborne.  But then those in that group, probably wouldn’t have time to vote.

He is also brought to task, by getting into a car, that was illegally parked in a disabled space. Read about it here. It does appear he wasn’t driving,

But a Treasury source said Mr Osborne had been dropped off to buy lunch.

The unmarked police Land Rover was not driven by the chancellor at any point, added the source.

I bet Osborne wished he’d taken the train.  But then, those that want to get him, had a go at him when he did.

He must be getting to dread, saying anything or going anywhere!

It seems as if the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer has taken over from that of Home Secretary, as the most vilified job in Government.

But then Theresa May has a great advantage over George Osborne, in that she can be spun for her dress sense, as she was in this double-page story  in the Standard last night. George Osborne never got a headline like this.

Theresa May-nia: sharp-suited, well-heeled, the Home Secretary is on fighting form

Perhaps, he should wear a dress!

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