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Matched Seats And Roof At London Bridge Station

These pictures show the recently-built roof and the newly-installed seats at London Bridge station.



  1. The first picture shows the seats that were installed on a temporary basis.
  2. The second picture shows a section of roof.
  3. The remaining pictures show the seats in various places in the station.
  4.  I like the tables for your coffee, tea or chocolate.
  5. I like the randomness of the placement on the entry to the station.
  6. They also stand out against the stone floor.

They are very different and brought a smile to my face.

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A Waste Of Space

The photographs show the central island at Highbury Corner.

Note that a couple of these pictures were taken over several days and in some, workers would appear to be tidying it up.

Surely something better could be done with this green space. Walk for about ten minutes and you come to Newington Green, which is a green space with a cafe in the middle of a busy traffic interchange, that has improved immensely in recent years.

Two points.

1. One thing that needs sorting is the position of the bus stand for the 277, which is totally in the wrong place.

2. The memorial garden to those that died in the V1 attack is tucked away and might be better moved to the middle, if public were to be allowed access.

With a bit of imaginative thinking, Highbury Corner could be a green space to welcome people to the thriving Upper Street.

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What Is Natural Oak?

I found this advert rather strange.

What Is Natural Oak?

What Is Natural Oak?

I suppose unnatural oak would be veneered chipboard or MDF.

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Roof Trusses

I’m having a new building put up and by accident I took an interesting photo of the roof trusses in the sunlight and backed by the blue sky.  I liked it, so I took some more.

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