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Kent On The Cusp Of Change – Thanet Parkway Station

The Kent On The Cusp Of Change article in the July 2017 Edition of Modern Railways talks of the Thanet Parkway station.

The article says this about the station.

Thanet Parkway, a new station on the East side of Ramsgate, is one infrastructure investment that is steaming ahead. Due to open in 2020, the aim is that the new station will be launched with a reduced journey time from Thanet to London.

Currently, the fastest services between London and Ramsgate take seventy-five minutes.

As Ramsgate station, gets three Highspeed trains per hour to London, I could envisage a very passenger-friendly service of four trains per hour between St. Pancras and Thanet Parkway.

The only section of line between Thanet Parkway and London, that is not high speed line, would be the section East of Ashford station.

I wonder what times to Canterbury, Thanet Parkway, Ramsgate and Margate could be achieved if this section were to be improved.

I suspect somewhere between sixty and seventy minutes between St. Pancras and Thanet Parkway is possible.


Thanet Parkway seems to be a well-planned new station, as many new stations seem to be.

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