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Why Are There So Many Slim Female Weather Presenters?

As I travel around the country, I have probably watched BBC News or Breakfast in perhaps seven to ten regions.

Over recent years, the proportion of weather presenters, who I see on the BBC who are slim and female, seems to have grown.

It is a rare event to see a stocky male weather presenter.

I am not complaining, but after watching Alina Jenkins doing the UK weather and Elizabeth Rizzini doing the London weather, I had a thought.

Both ladies are slim and they were wearing dresses with elbow length sleeves, which showed off slim arms.

With all the pointing and waving that weather presenters do, it struck me that the reason there are no many slim female presenters could be that there is less of them to get in the way of the information on the screen. Presenters too, are often squeezed into a narrow vertical space at the side of the screen.

So is it just about getting more information on the screen?

Earlier this week Lucy Martin, who lost most of her right arm at birth was presenting the London weather in a sleeveless white dress.

She has to do everything with her left hand and her performance is as polished and confident as anybody else.

You do wonder though, that as she can’t use her other hand for balance as we all do in a presentation, she actually can give a less busy and more professional performance.


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Why Did I Get The Samsung QLED Television With The Faulty Screen?

These pictures show the screen omn my new Samsung QLED television.

Notethe shadow down the screen.

You don’t expect that, with the price I paid.

I shall be going into John Lewis today.

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Islamic Scumbags

I watched Andrew Neil’s carefully-crafted monologue on the BBC last night, in which he referred to Islamic State as Islamic Scumbags.

It was a brave and very right thing to do and I hope there are no repercussions.

But his monologue was in the great tradition of the BBC, that started in the 1960s, with That Was The Week That Was or TW3.

It was on late and as I needed to get up early to deliver newspapers, I usually went to bed and my father would wake me and call me down to watch the program.

Perhaps the most moving program was the one they did after the assassination of President Kennedy, which contained none of the usual copious amounts of satire.

We should treat the so-called Islamic State with the contempt they deserve and strong words and biting humour are the weapons we should use!

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Harold Wilson Liked The Muppets

Daniel Finkelstein in The Times is often entertaining. Yesterday, he told a story about how as a 14-year-old, he wrote to Harold Wilson to ask questions for an article in the Scout magazine he’d established for his troop.

He had just found the letter and it discloses that Harold liked The Muppets. He also read every newspaper except the Morning Star.

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All I Need In A Hotel

I’m only a man with simple tastes.

That’s all I need for a night.

These are my pet hates.

  1. Having to put your key into a holder to get electricity.
  2. Taps and showers that need glasses to work out how they work.
  3. Televisions without Freeview in the UK.
  4. Rooms that are too hot.

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Are Adverts Pointless?

I’m just watching the Tour de France on ITV4, as I put together the next couple of IKEA cabinets for my kitchen.

The adverts are completely aimed at the wrong person.

1. There has been two different companies trying to sell me Funeral Insurance. Why would I want a funeral and anyway, I won’t be going or remember it. We should just post our bodies to the nearest hospital for dissection practice or a pet food factory to do something useful.

2. There are also adverts for Skoda cars. I don’t drive and have no interest in the sort of boring cars bought by plebs. Or in any car forv that matter unless it doesn’t pollute my walking space.

3. Santander Bank. Only idiots, bank with Head Offices in other countries. Remember Iceland and Scotland!

4. Petplan, Pets are for the lonely and conservative.

5. Loans. I don’t need to borrow money.

6. Car Insurance.  See point 2.

7. Barbecues. I hate them!

When somebody invents a television that doesn’t show adverts or trailers in live television, I’ll buy one.

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Choose Your Clothes With Care

This picture captured from BBC Breakfast, illustrates that presenters and guests should be careful how they choose what to wear.

Colours On The BBC Breakfast Sofa

Colours On The BBC Breakfast Sofa

Perhaps it’s time that the BBC got a new set without a red sofa.

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How They Dug The Victoria Line

I found this documentary from 1969 on the BBC iPlayer

For those who enjoyed the BBC documentary about Crossrail, this is one they did earlier.

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BT Broadband’s Crap Football Broadcasts

BT now deliver their sport channels by broadband, which generally makes it unwatchable, unless you’ve got BT Infinity. Which of course is not available to me, as I’m too close to exchange. BT’s words not mine!

I often joke about what Brian Redhead said about the relative merits of radio and television.

If television had been invented first, radio would be the dominant medium, as the pictures are better!

Today, it’s absolutely true, as the pictures my mind are creating from the words on BBC Radio 5, are an order of magnitude better than BT’s crap pictures of the football.

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Details Of My Bathroom

I’ve now got some of the bathroom as  want it.


1. The hooks and the towel ring are stuck on with a special epoxy. The tiles are so hard to drill one hole costs at least a tenner in drill bits and the good temper of the driller. So far the glue is performing, as I hope it will.

2. The grab rail is positioned in line with the right side of the bath, so that it steadies me, as I get in and out.

3. I probably need a shorter grab rail on the other side of the bath low down for my left hand, as I sit and stand up.

4. My bathroom is off the front hall, so it doubles as a wet clothing and umbrella room.

5. The stool is one of Suffolk Six and one was in our last bathroom in Suffolk. I’d sit on it, whilst talking to C, as she luxuriated in the bath.

6. The towel ring stuck by the side of the bath is big enough to hold a towel, that a lady with long hair might use after washing it. To get the towel size right, I asked an assistant in John Lewis for her opinion. She tested the size, whilst serving me at the till.

7. I use a ceramic tray for my soap and shampoo, as until I find the right one, I’m not going to drill the tiles and so avoid Jerry’s problem.

7. I never use a mirror in the bathroom and forget to put one in. My stupid builder didn’t spot the omission either! So now I’m looking for a compatible stick-on mirror, so that the tiles don’t have to be drilled.

The fittings are the Bond range from Miller of Sweden. They look good and are very easy to put up straight. They supplied the special epoxy.

This bathroom has been a long time coming, as work started in Oct 2012 and I even had my first bath in the new bath in December 2012.

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