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Whitechapel Station – 23rd January 2016

These pictures show the changes that have happened at Whitechapel station in the last week.

It is now possible to change direction on the wide platform between the Eastbound and Westbound lines of the District and Metropolitan Lines.

The escalators to the Crossrail lines will also be located in this wide platform. So changing between Crossrail and the \district and Metropolitan Lines will be very straightforward.

What surprised me was the quality of the temporary station. It’s actually a lot better and far more spscious than the one that was used previously, with several more gates.


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It’s All Change At Whitechapel Station

This article from The Wharf entitled Work begins to prepare Whitechapel station for Crossrail, is one of several reporting that this weekend is the big changeover at Whitechapel station, where a temporary ticket office is brought into use to allow work to start on the old station. This is said.

Work has begun to transform Whitechapel station ahead of the start of Crossrail services in 2018.

The station will be made step-free, the ticket hall will be expanded and the new Crossrail platforms will be integrated with the existing Tube and London Overground services.

Once the work is complete in late 2018, new lifts from street level to all train platforms will make the station fully accessible. The ticket hall will also be refurbished and expanded with wider pathways and more ticket gates.

These pictures were taken on January 13th.

I have long thought that Whitechapel station will be Crossrail’s Jewel In The East.

Why should signature stations be the just for the rich and the City?

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Changing At New Cross

If you get an East London Line Class 378 train and want to continue your journey South from New Cross station, you often just walk across the platform to catch your next train.

The pictures show how I changed at New Cross for St. John’s station.

There is no problem going South but coming North, you have to climb over the bridge from platforms A or B to get to platform D. The walk is step free, but modern station layouts would be designed, so that you walk across between trains or wait on the platform for a few minutes, until your train arrives.

In an ideal world Northbound East London Line services would start from Platform A, with Platform B being reserved for services to Cannon Street.

New Cross Gate station uses a layout with the East London Line trains calling at the outermost platforms.

This would not be possible at present with the trains terminating at New Cross in Platform D, as they have no means to get to Platform A, without reversing out and crossing the busy lines through the station.

But if the East London Line trains terminated South of New Cross, this would not be a problem.

The service frequency from New Cross to Dalston Junction would still be the same as now, but there would be differences.

  • Passengers joining the railway at New Cross wanting to use the East London Line to go North would have to cross the step-free footbridge, just as passengers for Cannon Street do now.
  • Usually, because the Northbound East London Line train is waiting, you can sit and wait in a warm train, rather than on a draughty platform.
  • Passengers from St. John’s, Lewisham and other stations in the South might avoid at least one change of train, by using East London Line trains.

Remember too, that from 2019, Crossrail will run through Whitechapel, giving better access to the West End, Paddington. Heathrow and East London. Charing Cross and Cannon Street aren’t exactly connected well to Crossrail. This will surely see a lot of passengers going between New Cross and Whitechapel.

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Whitechapel Station – Steelwork Against The Sky

I took these pictures of the structures above the East London Line at Whitechapel station, as it is being rebuilt for Crossrail.

I do hope that when the station is completed, that a lot of the roof is clear to let in the natural light.

This image from the Crossrail page for Witechapel station gives hope.


I once wrote Is Whitechapel Station Going To Be The Jewel In The East?

We’ll see in a couple of years!

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Whitechapel Station – 26th October 2015

The floors are going in at Whitechapel station.

It does seem that progress is being made.

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Whitechapel Station – 3rd August 2015

There has been another busy weekend at Whitechapel station.

There has been no news of problems, that will delay the opening of the temporary entrance in the Autumn.

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Whitechapel Station – 29th July 2015

They have been busy at Whitechapel station over the long weekend.

There’s even a bridge going across the Overground tracks at a high level.

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Whitechapel Station – 27th July 2015

Last Friday I took several pictures at Whitechapel station. They included this one looking down into the Overground station from the bridge between the two Metropolitan/District line platforms.

You Don't See Much Looking Down

I titled it You Don’t See Much Looking Down, which as you’re looking through wired glass at an angle is true. Today, I took this picture from the same place.

The Same View Today

If you look up, you’ll see steelwork erected behind the retaining wall of the station. All hopefuly will be revealed on Wednesday morning.

Whilst at the station, I took a few pictures from the Westbound Metropolitan/District line platform.

It’s almost as the builders of the station are teasingly revealing their new creation, in an elaborate striptease.

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An Innovative Use Of The School Holidays

In trying to find out what was going on at Whitechapel station because of Crossrail this weekend, I found this document entitled Crane and site related activity in Swanlea School on the Whitechapel Current Works page of the Crossrail web site. he document says this.

We will position a small crane at the western end of Swanlea Schools grounds and use the crane to lift material over the school perimeter wall and in to the Crossrail Essex Wharf, Durward Street site. Delivery vehicles will access Swanlea School between 08:00 and 22:00 on Mondays to Sundays during this time. In addition to this, the Crossrail site boundary area will extend into Swanlea School grounds during the school holiday period. We will use the area to carry out preparatory work including the creation of wooden frames for future concrete pours and steel reinforcement pre-fabrication.

This Google Map image shows the relationship between Swanlea School and the Whitechapel station site.

Swanlea School And Whitechapel Station

Swanlea School And Whitechapel Station

I would assume that Crossrail are paying an appropriate fee for the disruption to the school grounds.

Whitechapel station is a very congested site in a busy area of East London and Crossrail seem to have used every trick in the book, to avoid unnecessary pain and disruption to residents, visitors and passengers.

There are a lot of people worried about what will happen, if Crossrail 2 gets built through their area. They should take a trip to Whitechapel and have a look round to see how intricate heavy construction work should be done.

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Whitechapel Station – 24th July 2015

I did think about calling this post either Fun With Meccano or Wetchapel Station – 24th July 2015.

The pictures show upright steel beams pointing slightly outwards fixed to the top of the main cross-beams. Are these going to be part of the supports shown in this image from the Whitechapel station page on the Crossrail web site?

Whitechapel Station Walkway

Whitechapel Station Walkway

The image taken from the same page of Crossrail’s web site, shows a cross-section through the Overground station.

Whitechapel Overground Station Cross Section

Whitechapel Overground Station Cross Section

Note that there seems to be two further walkways at the top of the station.

A third image is worth looking at, as it shows the walkway from the Overground platforms.

Overground Platforms At Whitechapel Station

Overground Platforms At Whitechapel Station

You can pick out, quite a few features, like the cross beams, that you can see in reality in the station.

As the Overground station at Whitechapel is closed all weekend, it will be interesting to return on Monday to see what other pieces have been added to the three-dimensional jigsaw, whilst the passengers are safely out of the way.

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