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Brass Washers As Earrings and a Watering Can Handbag

I saw the first on the tube and the brass washers were there in all their engineering brilliance hanging from a young lady’s ears.  No wonder I can’t get any to complete my staircase!  I would have photograhed them for this blog, as I was so disgusted at the application. And it’s probably rude and/or illegal to take pictures of a lady’s ears on the Underground.

I saw the second last night, as a lady walked towards me on the station with what looked like a shiny green watering can under her arm. As she passed me I could see it was a handbag complete with a fake spout.

Will I ever understand women’s fashion?  Probably, never!

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John Galliano

John Galliano may be a great fashion designer, but his comments lately in Paris are disgraceful and he was rightly fired by Dior.

Remember that Hitler was also anti-homosexual and not just anti-Jewish, so in some ways his comments are even more ignorant than they appear in the first place.

But knowing the fashion industry, he’ll be back, as money talks louder than morals.

I for one, hope he doeasn’t make a comeback.  Or at least until he’s seen the multiple errors of his ways.

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Why Women Cut Off Long Hair

There is an article in the Sunday Times, saying why women cut off their long hair.  I don’t know who writes this rubbish and I suppose I read it, but C and several other women I know cut their long hair, when they had a baby, as they didn’t like all the pulling.

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Airbrushed Photographs of Women

There is a report today by Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, that says that children are over-exposed to sexual imagery.

One of the points it makes is that photos are often airbrushed to make the subjects closer to what is considered to be an ideal.  It says that that airbushed photos should be marked as such. I think there is a fat chance of that ever happening, as suppose they insisted on it in the UK, would it apply to imported magazines printed in the US and Europe.  If they were not allowed to be distributed here that would be censorship!

It just shows how far this report is from what can be achieved in reality.

Look at this photo of a lady dressed how she would have been in the Belle Epoque era, I found on the web from 1895.

The waist looks very much that it has been retouched. 

Plus ca change! Except then tiny waists were important and now it’s being stick thin.

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Victoria Beckham

She gets a bad press, but then I’ve always had a sneaking respect for the real Victoria.

I do remember one day, when she was being criticised on Radio 5, when she phoned up from a book signing in somewhere like Stoke, and decided to take on all comers.

Stupid she wasn’t.

And now today we have this article in The Times about her fashion collection.  One paragraph oozed praise.

This was another lovely, polished, wearable turn from a woman who is daintily trampling on every preconception we all had about her: more elegant dresses, in inky greys, emerald and oxblood, with boat or draped necks, some with draped backs and a new volume in the bodice that gave them a slightly more chilled feel — and a blush-pink, lamé trench dress inspired by Dick Tracy femme fatales.

Good luck to Victoria!  And of course David.  But behind every famous man…

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Breaking the Fashion Rules

My late wife spent quite a bit on clothes and I still don’t know what to do with a lot of her business suits. Many are new or nearly so and are all the best makes. I suppose I had better take them to the charity shop.

An article in The Sunday Times Style section called Breaking The Fashion Rules would have summed her up well. She wore clothes that suited her figure, skirts on or above the knee and despite being in her late fifties, bikinis.  But as the article says, you have to make the right choices.

Did she have any secrets?

She always wore underwear that fitted and never peeked out from under a dress and she always bought her swimwear after trying on more than several in France! On the subject of underwear, how many women wear a £5 bra under a £200 dress?  Balance ladies!

I’ll admit that she was reasonably trim and fit, with good shoulders and I follow a similar route. That helped her dress younger than otherwise.  But I do think that it does everybody good to think that they look as best as they can.

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Wimbledon Uniform

As a keen tennis player of the real variety, I’ve been watching Wimbledon.

But the uniform the line-judges wear is awful and totally out of keeping.

And why too was it designed by Ralph Lauren, who is not a British designer.  Surely someone like Paul Smith, who was I believe a competent sportsman himself, would have done better.

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