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Market Harborough Station – 10th May 2019

I stopped at Market Harborough station and took these pictures.

As can be seen, the works at the station are well underway.

Market Harborough Line Speed Improvement Project

This document on the Network Rail web is entitled Market Harborough Line Speed Improvement Project.

According to the document, the project will deliver.

  • A line speed increase through Market Harborough enabling a reduction in journey time for passengers.
  • New longer platforms that improve access and reduce stepping distances onto trains whilst also catering for longer trains with more seats.
  • Station accessibility will be improved with a new footbridge featuring lifts, opening up travel opportunities for more passengers.
  • A new 300 space car park has already been constructed, providing step-free access to platforms for passengers arriving by car.

Unfortunately, Network Rail don’t seem to have published a well-prepared visualisation of what passengers, will see, when the project is completed.

There isn’t even a decent visualisation on the station.

Talk about Mushroom Marketing! Keep your customers and project funders in the dark and feed them shit.

This Google Map shows the station..


  1. The Midland Main Line going up the middle of the map.
  2. The large new car-park on the Eastern side of the line.
  3. The building site on the Western side of the line, where new strauighter tracks will go.

The completion date is planned to be December 2019.


The project looks good in the flesh, but that can’t be said for the project presentation to stakeholders.


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Edinburgh Haymarket Station Gets It Right

Edinburgh Haymarket station is another example of Network Rail’s stations with a wide bridge over the tracks, like Leeds, Derby and most spectacularly Reading. London Bridge will join the club in the next couple of years.

As most trains stop at both Waverley and Haymarket stations in Edinburgh, I think passengers will ask themselves, why they would ever use the truly dreadful Waverley station?

  • Access to the trams at Waverley means using endless steps and escalators to get to Princes Street and then an uncovered walk to the tram.
  • Trams at Haymarket are just a short level walk outside.
  • Taxi drop at Waverley is difficult with more steps. It’s on the level at Haymarket.
  • Tickets to Edinburgh allow you to go to either station.
  • Coming from the West and needing the tram, will passengers increasingly change at Edinburgh Park station?

Don’t fall into the trap of getting off at Edinburgh Waverley, which now always seems to be called just Edinburgh.

My only reservation about Haymarket is the station’s size.

Is it big enough for an important rugby match at Murrayfield, where the savvy will arrive at Haymarket and take a tram?

And will it be big enough, when the trams are extended, as they surely will be?

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