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A Chinese View On Peer-To-Peer Lending

I found this article in the South China Morning Post.

It would appear that peer-to-peer lending is taking off in China in a big way. Here’s an extract.

According to an unofficial source, there are an estimated 100 such Chinese lenders in operation, with projected total outstanding loans this year of 18 billion yuan (HK$22 billion)

That sounds a lot to me.

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Play Interrupted By A Cockroach

I’m just watching the Murray-Federer tennis on the television.

the play was momentarily halted because of a cockroach or another large insect.

One commentator said it had escaped from their hotel or something like that!

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Buses For The Chinese

The bus route 88 is surely an ideal one for the Chinese, who are very superstitious about eights.

We even had a winner at Nottingham on the 8th of August, 1988.  The horse, Golden Panda was named after a Chinese restaurant, owned by a friend from Hong Kong.

We dined out cheaply on that win for many years.

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Strange Bus Adverts In Chinese

There is series of bus adverts like these on lots of London buses. Here’s one.

Strange Bus Adverts In Chinese

It is apparently aimed at the Chinese home market.

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What I Remember About The Opening Ceremony From Beijing In 2008

As a computer person, I remember the computer screens around the stadium, showing Microsoft’s infamous blue screens of death. I’m not the only person either. Perhaps they hadn’t paid the licence fees.

Let’s hope they use good old-fashioned technology tonight.

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Will Expelling Two Syrian Diplomats Make Any Difference?

Of Course it won’t! Assad’s vile regime will expel or worse two of our diplomats. And two from all the other countries that have sent a couple of Syrian diplomats home.

I can’t see a solution to this, whilst the Russians and China back the Syrians.  After all, kicking Assad out of power, would set a terrible precedent for their own human rights abuses.

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A Course In Chugging?

They’ve just had a guy on the radio, who runs a course at South Bank University on charity fundraising. How to chug properly is a substantial part.

Surely, we can think of more worthwhile University courses?

Incidentally, they were chugging for Save The Tiger in Islington last week.  It would be better if they did this outside the Chinese Embassy!

After all we’ll only save the tiger, if we convince the Chinese to change their ways. I wonder if the Chinese are keen on saving pandas, is that they have no culinary or medicinal use for them!

There is a big piece in The Telegraph today about how the Local Government Association is getting a bit fed up with them and is calling for a clean up of legislation. A spokesman is quoted as saying.

“Government needs to remove the double standard which means volunteers collecting coins for a local hospice need a licence, but agency workers seeking pledges for national charities do not.”

I would agree as a local hospice is much more important than a big national charity. I think though that methods of donation like Just Giving are better. I regularly see an ad and send a small amount. The trouble is some ads are on the Underground and mobile phones don’t work down there.

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Interviews Before Execution

This article on the BBC web site, puts a whole new slant on reality television.

We’re back to the public executions at Tyburn that finished in the last 18th Century. The list on Wikipedia of those who were executed there, includes Oliver Cromwell, who was actually posthumously executed, after exhumation of  his body from Westminster Abbey.

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Should We Ditch Huhne’s Wind Power Policy?

There is an article in The Times today from Dieter Helm, who is Professor of Energy Policy at Oxford University and a Fellow in Economics at New College at the same University.  So he should know what he is talking about. in fact, if you can get hold of a copy of today’s Times, the article on page 22 is a must-read!

He questions Chris Huhne’s energy policy of building lots of wind farms, especially as it will lead to higher energy bills against a background of falling gas prices. As gas is a fuel that creates less CO2 for the same amount of energy than coal, it would seem to me to be sensible, that whilst we wait for nuclear to come on stream, we use gas in the interim, as obvious low gas and electric prices will be a stimulus to the economy and our wind farms will do little to reduce the amount of world-wide CO2 emmissions, as China and India are commissioning a new coal-powered power station every week or so.

He finishes with a lovely quote.

Ministers who try to pick winners should remember that losers tend to pick governments.

He also indicates that energy and climate change policy needs substance, to make it a  workable one, that is believable to the man on the Dalston omnibus.

In my view that means scrapping expensive, inefficient and unsightly wind farm proposals, use more gas and build nuclear power stations for our long term needs. I am also a strong proponent of building a large tidal power station on the Severn, with an international airport on top.

It would also stimulate the country, if our electricity and gas bills were reduced.  The higher they get, the more likely it is that jobs needing a lot of energy will be exported to where energy is cheap, like India, China and the United States.  So we’ll get more global warming from their new coal-fired power stations.

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Russia And China Give Their View On Freedom

Russia and China have vetoed a resolution from the West and the Arab League to try to end the carnage in Syria.

But then what is going to happen, when their own dissidents protest? After all to Putin it would appear democracy is something to be manipulated for your own ends and the Chinese just feel it is not the right system for China.

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