The Anonymous Widower

Where Did That Go?

Jerry had put up this awful piece of granite as a splash back in the living room.

Jerry's Bad Plastering

Jerry’s Bad Plastering

Perhaps he put it up, as he had a spare one and it would cover up his dreadful plasterwork. I sometimes wonder if Jerry’s surname was Boughton.

Before I went away, two guys took it off and down the stairs, leaving it on my patio by the street.

I then put a stick note on it, saying that anybody who wanted it could take it.

And take it they did!

I wonder how many hernia they got lifting it into the back of their car?

It really was a case of good riddance to bad rubbish!

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How Often Do You Recycle?

Charles Clover in The Sunday Times has a thoughtful article about recycling. He says this.

There is an even more substantial obstacle to progress over the road in the shape of Eric Pickles, the communities secretary. Statistics show the best local authorities for recycling have certain things in common — one of them being fortnightly refuse collections. Despite all the evidence, Pickles gives grants to councils that keep weekly collections.

My council, Hackney, collects weekly, where they empty my wheelie bin and collect my green sack of recyclables.

But over the last couple months, I’ve happened to be out on bin day, so I make sure I put out the rubbish at least one week in two.

So is that fortnightly?

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A Walk Along The Thames From Erith Station To Crossness

This afternoon I enjoyed the sun and walked along the Thames Path from near Erith Station to the Victorian Pumping Station at Crossness.


When looking at these pictures, you can see some of the places that I also saw on the cruise down the Thames.

I haven’t fully annotated the pictures yet, as finding out what some of the buildings are isn’t easy.

There’s some good technology at work in Crossness and they should tell people about it.


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Peterborough Station’s Litter Bins

I came across these bins, when I changed trains at Peterborough.

What a wonderful example of simple, good design.

If this doesn’t nudge people to put their rubbish in the right bag then nothing will.

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BA Goes For Landfill Power

Imagine flying in an airliner, that is powered by landfill.

It sounds far-fetched, but according to this report in the Guardian, it could happen. Here’s the introduction.

A delayed project to supply British Airways with jet fuel from converted waste is a step closer after it was announced a location has been found for the GreenSky fuel plant, in Thurrock, Essex.

The GreenSky project will see BA commit to buy all 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel produced at the processing facility for at least 11 years. The plant, operated by Solena Fuels, is to be built by 2017 on the site of the former Coryton oil refinery, creating 150 permanent jobs.

I believe that the key to energy shortages and global warming is technology and that this type of development is something that we should and probably will see more of.

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An Unusual Sight On Boxing Day Morning

I was surprised to see the binmen at work in the dark on Boxing Day.

An Unusual Sight On Boxing Day Morning

An Unusual Sight On Boxing Day Morning

I didn’t put my rubbish out, as there was virtually nothing.

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Susanna Reid Makes A Confession

Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast this morning confessed that she has a shopping trolley. I didn’t realise she was either obese or over sixty!

But she did say it was full of plastic bags!

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How To Get A Free Plastic Carrier

I know they are still free in most of the UK, but sometimes I get a plastic bag from the supermarket, as they fit my waste bin well.

Today, when I got my copy of The Times, it was raining hard and I asked for a plastic carrier to keep it dry.

A Free Bag To Keep My Paper Dry

A Free Bag To Keep My Paper Dry

It worked well and I was able to get an unsoiled dry paper home.

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How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

My Sunday Times is always full of junk. This picture shows this weeks offering.

How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

How Much Useless Advertising Do We Receive?

How much of this is actually read? And how much ends up in landfill?

In my case, it was even more pointless, as I’ve just installed Sky.


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Going Back With Recycling

Most councils use large trucks to collect rubbish and do the recycling.  But I was surprised to see this truck outside my house this morning.

Going Back With Recycling

Going Back With Recycling

Today, is recycling day and I suspect it was doing a bit of specialist work, before the main collection later in the morning.

Years ago, there used to be a lot more smaller refuse collection vehicles, made by companies like Shelvoke and Drewry.  Wood Green used an innovative solution to the collection of rubbish around the High Road, where moving the trucks into the back of the shops was very difficult. They used to use a single Shire horse and a series of trailers for the rubbish.  When they retired the horses, they started using Scammel Mechanical Horses. This extract from Wikipedia, explains the logic behind these innovative vehicles.

The London and North Eastern Railway had approached Napier’s, the quality car and aero-engine makers for an answer to the problem of replacing horses for local haulage purposes, while retaining the flexibility of changing the wagons and the manoeuvrability of the horse and wagon.

You do wonder if this concept is one that will be reinvented and put forward as a wonderful new idea. Imagine say on a large leisure site like the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where for a large event, you might get tens of thousands of visitors. You could have a series of trailers, that had sections for the various types of rubbish and small electric tugs could move them to and from a central collection point, where they were automatically emptied. Hopefully modern technology could be used to make the trailers able to withstand a small bomb and thus get round one of the problems with traditional litter bins.

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