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Russia Has Killed More Civilians Than ISIS

The title of this post is taken directly from The Times.

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A Tingling In My Arm

My skin is rather strange.

For instance, if I give blood for testing at the doctor’s or a hospital, I don’t need a plaster afterwards, as I don’t bleed. Considering, that I’m on Warfarin, that really puzzles some medics.

Today, ass Istarted up my computer and started typing, I got a strange tingling in my right arm., on the outside.

I have come to the conclusion, that it is just the hairs untangling themselves after a good night’s sleep.

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Remembering A Relative Or Friend

In seven days it would have been my late wife’s sixty-eighth birthday.

C gave her body for medical research and we had a private cremation a year or so later.

In her memory and also in that of my son, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2010, I helped to fund in a very small way some research into the disease at my mine and my late wife’s university of Liverpool.

I wrote about the research in There’s More To Liverpool Than Football And The Beatles!

In some ways, the successful outcome of the research, gave me an enormous lift and now when I think of my son, I sometimes think, that others will hopefully not have to go through, what he and his family did!

Serious research can do that!

So I got to thinking, that perhaps when a friend or relative dies, we should start a fund and give the money to an appropriate charity, that funds research into whatever was the cause of their death.

My funding of Liverpool University’s Pancreatic Cancer research that came about because I asked Alumni Relations at the University to suggest a suitable research project for my donation.

The Devil must have blessed the donation and the research produced a positive result.

But not everyone can be so lucky.

So why not, when someone close to you dies, collect an appropriate amount of money and ask the major charity or perhaps as I did, your old University to find a project to help fund?

I would think that it could be best to go to a central charity like Cancer Research UK or the British Heart Foundation, as they might now something that was very suitable, based in a University of research institution convenient to where you live!

I feel that selecting a well-run and well-respected central charity is that they know the ropes and that the world is littered with charitable failures, set up by individuals with the best of intentions.

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Lionel Stapley

It is with great sadness, that I must report the death of Lionel Stapley, who was a colleague at Metier Management Systems and a friend since we first met in the 1970s.

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Jerry’s Attempts On The Other Side Of The Kitchen Are No Better

These pictures show that what lay behind the awful steel-fronted units on the other side of the kitchen was no better than those on the first, that I descrtibed in Behind Jerry’s Cabinets.

So we’ll have to chisel out some concrete, make up the floor and sort the wiring before we can put in the new cabinets.

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What Is Russian For Schadenfreude?

I just felt that this was worth posting.

Did the diver get his substances all wrong?

He certainly wasn’t able to stand straight!

Will Putin send the poor unfortunate diver to Siberia?

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Are The Doom-Mongers Starting Up About Crossrail?

The title of this article in the Standard is Hatton Garden jewellery district ‘faces extinction over Crossrail rent rises’

So what?

Did the owners of sweat shops in East London complain, when new clothing factories set up with more enlightened attitudes to their workers in Victorian times.

You bet they did!

But just as the City has reinvented itself with Canary Wharf, Hatton Garden will have to move on and change to survive.

Some won’t like it, but hopefully what emerges will be stronger and probably a lot more legal, with regards to tax and money laundering.

I also was accosted by a station-man at Shenfield, who said that everybody would hate the new trains, as you’ll have to stand all the way to London.

The design of the trains appears to be such, that seats will be more numerous at the ends of the trains, with metro style seating and a lot of standing in the middle.

This layout is so that when the train is running in Tube-mode between Stratford and Paddington, there is enough capacity for those wanting to do a couple of stops.

But those boarding in the suburbs will probably get a seat all the way to the centre. In the morning peak, there would appear to 16 trains per hour (tph) to Central London.

I do wonder if the RMT will have it in for the new Class 345 trains, as they have a degree of automation, never seen before in trains in the UK.

Some of this automation, will mean very different methods of working, but will be essential to obtain Crossrail’s frequency of 24 tph.

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Is Success In Rio Down To John Major?

This article on the BBC is entitled Rio 2016: Does John Major deserve credit for Team GB’s success?

This is the opening paragraph.

The sight of Team GB above China in the Olympic medal table has led some to heap praise on John Major, whose government took the decision to launch the National Lottery. The lottery has poured money into sport in the UK, but can it claim credit for medal success?

Even, if to give total credit to John Major is perhaps a bit over the top, but without the Lottery funding, British Olympic performance, would be lucky to be as good as England’s footballers.

But money isn’t everything, as if it was Manchester City would win the Premier League every year and given the coffers of the Lawn Tennis Association, we’d dominate world tennis.

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It’s My Birthday!

So I’m celebrating by putting flat-pack furniture together for my kitchen, wearing just a pair of tight but comfortable briefs so I don’t hit something painful!

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Another Level Crossing Crash In East Anglia

This afternoon, I was in Cambridge trying to get to Ely.

I didn’t!

This report in the East Anglian Daily Times, which is entitled Investigation underway after car driver seriously hurt during train strike at level crossing near Ely – rail services severely disrupted, explains what happened and why I didn’t get to Ely!.

This is said.

Network Rail is investigating whether it had been asked for permission to open a gate at a level crossing before a vehicle was hit by a train.

I won’t prejudge their enquiry, but it strikes me there are these ways that the Land-Rover could have been on the crossing and hit by the train.

  • The signalman erroneously gave the driver permission to cross.
  • The phone system was broken.
  • The driver crossed without permission.
  • The vehicle broke down, whilst crossing.

My father always taught me to drive defensively and assume that everybody else is an idiot. Similar things were also said to me, when I was learning to fly.

In one case, not too far away from the level crossing, where the accident happened, I was driving home and at another crossing, the half-barriers were down and on enquiry they had been that way for half-an-hour with the lights flashing. I phoned the signaller and he told me all trains had been stopped for safety reasons and that we could all cross, by weaving through the barriers.

Eventually, I did this with extreme care, but others reversed and went the long way round.

Today, once clear of Cambridge and its troubles, I came across a very irate Abellio employee. Not with me, or the company, but with the accident, as she had had a big afternoon of complaints.

In my view, the driver was at fault, as he did not appear to assume that the signaller was an idiot.

Incidentally, the Abellio employee was of the opinion, that all crossings should be replaced with ones with full barriers.

Certainly, in this day and age, user-worked level crossings are not safe enough for many of the idiots on our roads.



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