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Napoleon famously said that an army marches on its stomach and if I’d done this trip last year, I would have had a severe problem to eat well.

The food itself, isn’t the problem, as in most places, you can find a restaurant that serves something that is gluten-free.  As I’m a coeliac, I can’t eat even organic sandwiches to keep me going. But the timing of this trip is so critical, that it will have to be something that I can take on the train or eat quickly. A few minutes lost, might mean I miss an important connection and there is only two spare days in the schedule for the trip.

A year ago, on a trip like this, I would have had to exist on water, orange juice, Coca-Cola, salads, cold potatoes, smoked salmon, certain types of cooked meat, humus, a limited number of crisps and chocolate bars and fruit. I can’t just grab a burger or a kebab like most can.

Now things are different in that  gluten-free bread of a good quality is now widely available, so I can make myself some sandwiches before I leave home or a hotel, each day.

I can also avail myself of chains like Carluccio’s, where I can generally buy something gluten-free to take out.

But the biggest development has been Marks and Spencer‘s decision to sell gluten-free sandwiches. There are only two varieties at the moment, but others are on the way. They even publish a list of their stores, which sell them.

I think though, there are a few places, where I will have difficulty, as there will be nothing in the station and nothing on the train.  Scunthorpe and Plymouth come to mind. But as I’m generally visiting three clubs a day, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially, as I’ll start after a good breakfast in a large city, where I can pick up a few things at the station.

My other big problem, is that in some places, the ground is some way from the station and I don’t know the area well.  So if there is anybody who can help with finding a good route, I would be grateful.

Other than that, I’ll generally take what I need with me and plan everything properly in the smallest detail possible. Remember, I’m a computer programmer and the smallest bug annoys me tremendously.

But on some of the last legs it would be nice to be accompanied.  So f you fancy coming along, just contact me and we could perhaps meet up and take a bus or walk to the ground.  No taxis or cars are allowed, but for publicity purposes only, other more bizarre means are acceptable.  Has anybody got a sedan chair or a tandem for instance? In my day at University, medical students were always pushing beds about. But I suppose Health and Safety put a stop to that!

But the biggest thing anybody can do, is publicise what I’m doing.



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